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Fri, 03-28-2003 - 2:40pm
Has a cashier, ever given you too much change?

It's happened many times! If I notice and the cashier has been nice, I give it back since I would feel badly if they had to pay for it. If I don't notice, it's my gain. If they're particularly rude to me, I might keep it! Isn't that terrible?!

What is for dinner tonight?

Absolutely no idea! Probably something left over in my fridge. Or, I might go out with friends.

Do you have a change jar?

Nope--don't use cash much. If I do, extra change goes in the car for parking.

Do you save dollars (outside our challenges)

See above answer.

ANY financial questions?

Not today!


Using those leftovers is a great idea!!

Have a great weekend!

~ Sara ~

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