Happy Monday!

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Happy Monday!
Mon, 10-26-2009 - 12:15pm

Hi, everyone!

How was your weekend? What's up for the week?

We had a great day yesterday at the pumpkin patch. The weather was gorgeous and my son had a blast. :) Today is another beautiful day and I hope we can get outside for a bit to enjoy it.

Have a great day!!


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Mon, 10-26-2009 - 1:31pm

Oh, how I miss the pumpkin patch!!! Kids want nothing to do with it anymore. It was always so much fun! Hope you took tons of pictures!

We had a fun weekend! Friday we went out with a bunch of friends for dinner and drinks. Saturday I had to work. Then DH took DD and her best friend to a haunted house. They stood in line for almost 3 hours!!! It took 20 minutes to walk through the haunted house. They said it was worth the wait though! LOL



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Mon, 10-26-2009 - 5:34pm

We've just finished a long weekend here - although I worked yesterday (Monday) and Saturday so it wasn't much of a holiday weekend for me. Having said that, I worked extra hours this week and paired with the time and a half pay for yesterday, I'll see a better paycheck this week.

I went to one of the local stores to price containers so that I can get my pantry better organized. I hadn't intended on spending money on anything, but they had 30% off all plastic storage containers and utensils, so I picked up a couple of containers and a spatula (since I kept realizing that I didn't have one in the middle of cooking).

As for this week, I'll be spending most of the week studying because I have my last exam for the year on Nov 3. I'll still study summer school over Christmas but that course doesn't have an exam. If I can find time, I'm going to go over my budget and make some changes to the way that I budget for some things. Other than that - not really sure what else will or needs to happen this week.


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Mon, 10-26-2009 - 8:03pm

Hi everybody! Happy Monday.

I had a bummy weekend. My doctor told me to watch my weight on Friday, and it seems like everyone has been nagging me to exercise (okay, okay, I will! I would love to see them pregnant while on steroid medication and not get HUGE.)

DH has been overseas and all of my family in town is sick, so I stayed to myself all weekend. My moods are getting quite swingy and I was feeling kind of down. But, I started feeling the baby move recently, and baby was sweet enough to remind me I wasn't really alone. What a sweet baby. :o)

I was able to go over to my mom's for dinner last night, and that helped me get in a good mood for the week. I had a good day at work today and got a call from DH. And now we're day closer to his return.

Wishing everyone a great week!


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Tue, 10-27-2009 - 1:26am

Weekend was *mostly* good. One tiff...ahh marriage

Up for the week, today was dr appts. The rest of the week should be calm I hope :)

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