Wondering on Wednesday

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Wondering on Wednesday
Wed, 10-28-2009 - 12:16pm

Hi there folks!

It's Wednesday! And I'm wondering....

Have you or would you use generic drugs to save money? Where do you draw the line (if there is one)?

If you celebrate Halloween, did you make yours or your child's Halloween costumes or decorations to save money?

Have a great day!


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Wed, 10-28-2009 - 3:52pm

Yep, I use generic prescription whenever I can. I'll use generic otc cold/flu meds sometimes if it's a good savings. I always buy name brand Advil or Aleve.

DD16 doesn't go out anymore. DS13 decided to go this year. (I just leave it up to him. As long as he doesn't cause any trouble and is polite he can continue going.) He's just wearing camo clothes as a hunter or army guy, whatever he comes up with. I do have to buy him boots, but he needs them anyways for this winter. So other than that, I'm not spending a penny on trick or treat. I like it that way. LOL



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Wed, 10-28-2009 - 9:50pm
I would definitely use generic. My doc won't prescribe generic for my synthroid (thyroid disease)He writes no generic on the script! The price seems to keep going up too!


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Thu, 10-29-2009 - 8:01am

Oh, yes,

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Thu, 10-29-2009 - 9:00am
I use generic whenever possible




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Fri, 10-30-2009 - 8:21pm

It depends on the type of drug I'm taking... I'll use generic cold medicine or ibuprofen but if a doc prescribes it I only use the brand. There are certain drugs that just don't work well as generics.

Well, the little one is just old enough to go out this year and I bought her a costume but as for me... I make it on my own. I had a work event today that called for a costume, I threw on some bell-bottoms, flip-flops and made myself a peace sign necklace out of tinfoil and went as a hippy.

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Tue, 11-03-2009 - 5:44pm
we use as many generics as possible.
Not sure if I would ever use a generic for Lyrica yet or my son's Singulair.
I didn't get to have my big Halloween for the fourth year in a row. Dh took oldest middle child to community event.
Teen daughter and her friends went out to some things as Characters in the book and musical Wicked...
anon for this one