Spending habits

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Spending habits
Sun, 11-08-2009 - 10:40am

Does anyone else's DH, or themselves, seem to go through blow money like it's water?

I love my DH and I know he busts his tail to bring in his paycheck but his spending habits are HORRIBLE. He took out $140 the day before Halloween and by Thursday he was telling me he had NO CASH left. How do you go through $140 in less than a week?!

It's getting frustrating because now we're having to use envelope/big expense money for other stuff. It's not that it's breaking us but we need to be saving that for Christmas and services on our vehicles. If we don't have that cushion available he just pulls out a credit card, he doesn't seem to get the concept that we need to pay those off.

Sorry for the vent I'm just frustrated by my husband's lack of control.

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Sun, 11-08-2009 - 7:52pm

I wish I had some tried-and-true advice, but I've never had to convince DH to save. We're just both that way. Probably cause we got married at 35 and supported ourselves for so long. So, this isn't BTDT advice.

If you don't have an 8-month emergency fund, maybe explain the importance of that goal to him and ask him to make that a priority for your family. A lot more can go wrong than just car trouble. When the wolves are at the door, he'll be the one that has to protect you all.


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Sun, 11-08-2009 - 8:43pm

Wow! What in the heck is he spending that kind of money on?

I have no idea how to stop that. Maybe take his cards and give him a certain amount of $$ each week. When it's gone, it's gone. Of course sit down and talk with him about this first. Maybe spell it out for him on paper. "That $140



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Fri, 11-13-2009 - 1:43pm

HI, navywife90204! Thanks for sharing with us....
I think the hardest part of budgeting is getting on the same page with your significant other/spouse. Have you tried showing him the budget? Or working through it with him? Does he have financial goals?

Hang in there and let us know how you work things out. You might be able to help someone else! :) Wishing you all the best!