First of the Month: July

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First of the Month: July
Thu, 07-01-2010 - 7:24am
It's a new month and there are a few simple Budgeting tasks I need to take care of to start off on the right financial footing. I'd thought I'd share them here in case they might help someone else focus on budgeting today.

1. Pay rent/mortgage

2. Identify which bills are due this month, so I can check them off as they come in.

3. Draft the written budget. Remember to plan for special expenses like June birthdays, travel, and other one-time expenses or purchases. If you have a partner, run it by them and get their buy in.

4. Prepare to track spending (this might mean taking out cash for the envelope system, making sure you have a pen and notebook to track purchases, or at least designating a place in your purse to keep receipts).

5. Print new coupons from the Coupon Mom web site (new coupons are available around this time every month).

Do you have any special first-of-the-month budgeting tasks you need to remember?