Budget on paper the old fashioned way

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Budget on paper the old fashioned way
Sat, 07-03-2010 - 10:56pm

I followed these 10 steps for a budget ...does anyone else do this on paper or do you use the computer programs?


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Sun, 07-04-2010 - 10:00am

I don't follow those exact steps, but I do write my budget on paper. I keep a spiral-bound notebook, and on each page, at the top, I list each of our pay dates. Then under that, I put the 'every paycheck' expenses, such as gas for the car, groceries, Dh's lunches for work, etc. Then under that, depending on where in the month the pay date falls, I enter in our other expenses (mortgage, electric, water, cellphone, etc). Then, for those "every now and then" expenses, I just add those in on the pay check day that I want the funds to be paid from (HOA neighborhood dues, my son's karate testing fees, car registrations, birthdays, etc).

My Dh has had me try Quicken, but honestly, it got to be a hassle to update everything, and make sure my records matched Quicken's. Finally, we reached a point where I had our accounts balanced to the penny on paper....but Quicken's was always off. We contacted Intuit, and we were told that Quicken had a math error in the programming that others had complained of also. It was a weight off my shoulders not having to use that program anymore. lol

Also, having it in my spiral notebook, I can just tuck it into my purse and know in an instant what we have left over. For example, one time I found out I'd need a crown, and the dentist wanted to schedule the appointment. Once I knew how much (after insurance) I'd have to pay, I just opened my notebook and found that the next paycheck had enough of an overage to cover the crown without having to touch savings, and I was able to make my appointment.

Pat :-)

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Sun, 07-04-2010 - 2:04pm

Hi! Thanks for sharing the post. I used Word and Excel to make forms for budgeting and bills, but I print them out and fill in the numbers each month. Actually, right now, I'm using the Jean Chatzky budget folder for the monthly budget. It's just like