"Pre-approved" credit card question

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"Pre-approved" credit card question
Sun, 03-30-2003 - 9:58am

My husband was offered a pre-approved credit card over the phone and they said they would mail him the details, etc. However, we received a rejection letter instead stating that we had too much outstanding debt. This was several months ago.

Now, we are taking the steps to control our debt and we want to consolidate our credit cards/transfer balances, etc. and we still get many offers for credit cards with low-introductory rates/low-fixed aprs after 6 months or so. What are the chances that we could be rejected again when we try to do this?

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Sun, 03-30-2003 - 11:24am
When u rec'd the rejection letter, did u request your free credit report? Anyway, u mentioned it was several months ago, I'm assuming your debt has gone down it bit. I would apply to a low interest, no annual fee credit card. If u get denied again, request your free credit report.

On the ccs u have now, do any of them have a low interest balance transfer offer with no transaction fee? Look into it. Perhaps u have consolidate your ccs with one u currently have no balance on.

Just a thought.