Talked to the couch people today

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Talked to the couch people today
Thu, 04-03-2003 - 1:13pm
Well, they phoned me at home last night and I told them I would call today. So I did. In order to get my interest rate reduced I have to fax them all of my expenses for each month, how much money I make, etc. etc. They basically will do nothing until they have credit counselled me in effect. Well sorry. Did that already. So I will just have to live with the payments. They are not that much, so to save $10 or $15/month I am not going to fax them my life story. What weenies. As I said, never never never buy furniture on the "don't pay until" scheme. It is a total rip-off. Unfortunately I needed it and had no money. Lessons learned.

Oh well, I dealt with it, told then when I would make the payment and they are happy for now. If I can just keep my spending under control I'll be okay until I can cash in my retirement fund and pay the suckers off. LOL