Anyone want to vent?

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Anyone want to vent?
Thu, 04-03-2003 - 5:48pm
I do - I do!!!

First I want to vent about Capitol One... They will not leave me alone. We went months and months at a time without paying them, not even opening the bills. During this time they finally stopped calling. Now that I'm dedicated to paying off my bills, I have been

sending them $75.00 every two weeks. Then this last week I squeezed in an extra $10.00. Well they called me TWICE yesterday, and once today. Each time the kept trying to say well we received your payment for $10.00 but your minimum due is at least $46.00. One lady tried to tell me I was going to recieve a late fee. I had to explain to them what I had been paying, and when I was going to pay them again. I almost lost it today, when she said she would note my account. I informed her that was what they were supposed to have done that yesterday BOTH times they called. Ugh... Also they increased my over the limit fee from $25.00 to $29.00! Why do they punish you for trying? Does anyone know when debt collectors can be accused of harrassment?

Just one more vent while I'm at it: Dh and his stupid ATM fee's. I cannot get it through his thick skull to stop using the ATM's that charge fee's. To top it off today he did a balance inquiry first which cost $1.50, plus $1.50 to get the cash and our bank will charges us another $1.50. I would of much rather used that $4.50 to send to Capitol One so they could call and tell me I only made a $4.50 payment! Our bank is just blocks from our house. Dh had to pass it this morning on his way to work. It would of taken what? 90 seconds to go through the drive thru and get his money! Ugh again...

Thank You for letting me vent! Go ahead and get yours out too it feels soooooo gooood!




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Thu, 04-03-2003 - 8:35pm
Ok, I'll bite! ;)

What's wrong with Providian? I've been a good, charging, on-time-bill paying customer for three years and they still won't lower my interest rate! I think it's somewhere around 19%. Now, keep in mind I paid it off a while ago but it still irks me. I get credit line increases all the time because I'm such a "good customer".

My husband gets offers in the mail from them for 11.9%. SO WHY CAN'T THEY LOWER MY INTEREST RATE? It's not that it would make any difference but I

guess I just want the "respect". Ugghhh.

Ok, now this doesn't have a lot to do with debt but...

I'm part of a union at work. I have absolutely no say in it. Well to be fair I can choose to not be in the union but I still have to pay the dues, so what's the point!?!?

Yes, I've checked into it and it's actually part of a bargaining agreement that all unionized positions have to pay the dues whether they technically agree to join the union or not!!

Dues are $60 a month and we haven't had a raise in three years. Yes, that's right.

No cost of living, no performance review raises. Nothing.

So my suggestion is, why doesn' t the union just stop taking out our dues? They're clearly doing nothing for us and they still have the nerve to take $60 from me every month. Oooh, that irritates me. When did unions start becoming profit-making machines instead of actually representing workers!?!? That is so sad!

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Fri, 04-04-2003 - 8:24am
Hi Darcy. I know where I live the debt collectors are allowed to call you ONLY one time per day. If they talk to you, if they leave a message on your answering machine, or if they leave a message with whoever answered your phone for you to call them back, they can't by law call you again until the next day (even if you don't call them back), or yes they are harassing you. The reason I know this is I have a relative in collections. I'm sure it must be a federal thing so it would be that way in every state. If they call you again to tell you that you didn't pay the minnimum due tell them they need to take a closer look at their computer and read ALL the information on it.
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Fri, 04-04-2003 - 9:38am
Can't really help on the Capitol One problem, but if I were you I would definately get another bank. sheesh, charging for a balance inquiry?????? Thats ridiculous in my opinion. Banks are very competitive so I would start shopping for one that would give you free checking and steer clear on any that charge fees for items like balance inquiries? Just curious, as I live in a pretty rural area, but is this normal? anytime I have ever used my atm card, the only fee I have incurred was the charge for using another banks atm, usually its 1.00 or 1.50. My bank never charges on their end, and I've never come across one that charged for a balance inquiry. My hubby is a truck driver and he uses the card all over the country, and I've never seen any charges like this for using the card.
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Fri, 04-04-2003 - 10:23am
My turn, my turn!

I am fed up with being stuck in the house. I am on maternity leave until April 22, and every day I end up WORKING FROM HOME all day because I have nothing else to do and my office guilted me into it! We sold my husband's sports car because the payments plus insurance were a fortune and with the baby coming, we thought it was for the best... but now he takes "my" car to work and I'm stuck at home! I want to go out and PLAY.

Of course, by me being home everyday, I can't spend money. So luckily, we are paying tidy sums to our credit card balance and able to afford fresh fruit and meat in our meals (not together, ha ha), and all that. But I feel poor! I can't spend money, I can't go out, we don't do anything, and Justin just canceled our movie pack with the cable company! So now it's HGTV and TLC and not much else. Sigh.

I hate being frugal. It makes me feel like I am my mother. She was frugal. I wanted to be able to do what I wanted, when I wanted, within reason. And I can't.

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Fri, 04-04-2003 - 12:28pm
Yes I do...

I am so tired of having to live paycheck to paycheck. H got paid today. We are dead broke until he gets paid in two weeks. This always happens to us on the first paycheck of the month. We have to pay rent. Good news is that bills are paid. We still have grocery left. Bad news no $ for unexpected things.

Had to take my DS to ENT doctor today. He's had 5 ear infections this winter. Turns out he has fluid in his ears. Thank God no infection. Doctor wants to see him again in 6 weeks. If still has fluid in ears then need to insert tube. Had to pay a $20 copay. Wrote out a check. It was the last $20 we had in our acct. Then had to pay $15 for parking. I oNly had $20 in my pocket. Now I have $5 to last for two weeks. Why can't these doctors waive the copays. I'm sure they won't go hungry. I had a doctor's office charge me a $2 copay for lab work.


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Sat, 04-05-2003 - 11:20pm
i need to vent before i go nuts. my main complaint is Sears. they do not want to work with my husband or myself. i don't deny we owe the money all we are asking is to work with us for mutual benefit. they call 2-3 times a day. wake my daughter up @ just before 8 every morning. most of their reps we have dealt with need an attitude adjustment. my daughter is 4 years and is very cranky when rudely awaken. anyhow i recently got done with college and currently seeking employment. my dh went from an $11.11 ph job to $8.5 but of course that isn't much when you have mortgage, various insurances, car payment, lights, heat we pay once a year it's coal, gas, food, phone, medical bills, copays, and another credit card. like i said our exoericne with the people from Sears credit is not a very good one. both my husband and i have spoke with them on many occasions. we got behind almost 2 years ago when my husband's good paying job wasn't so relieable. you got to understand my husband has learning disablity and was pushed through school he quit because back then you didn't get the help you get now. so he doesn't have high school diploma and he can't read well/ he can't comprehend things very well either/ so to him and us $11.11 was good. we paid every month on time and the payment they wanted and then some. when his employment wasn't so reliable we contacted Sears and explained the situation their response was they wanted the amount regurdless/ we did fall behind and paid them what we could. we sacrificed alot. we even contacted the bank that has the mortgage. they helped us with what they could do which helped. but anyways Sears didn't like the payments we paid. they wanted more money. i explained the situation and again the response was rude. we did get caught up but now we are behidn again.. both our vehicles needed work, over $1500 worth, having to rent tuxes, dh's work hours getting cut, medical bills, my step daughter and her fiance ringing up bills in both my husband and my name. needless to say i don't know what to do i'm stressed. i can not afford payments and they aren't happy with payments. we used our tax money to pay off other debts that fell behind so we would have more money towards this debt. i am trying to seek job but at this point can not afford day care and the one vehicle has no heat or defrost so my husband takes the vehcile i would be driving. again can't afford to fix the heat problem/ help! I have cut down on expenses/ i raised deducts on car insurance, shopped at aldi's only buy necessities, not eating out as much, hang clothes on line both inside and out when can. i'm at the end of my rope. can they call as early as they do and as often?
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Sun, 04-06-2003 - 10:30am
SEARS is the worst of all credit card comapanys and I delt with them. Yes they are rude and unforgiving when it comes to thier money. I'd say to not to turn on your phone until after your DD has gotten up and when she goes down for naps, turn it off then too. Even if you have to unplug the phone from the wall, do it. You'll get a little piece of mind and then you can tell them, "call at a decent hour and then maybe I'd be more receptable." They can't call you twice and three times a day. It's against the law. The answer won't change in hours. Talk to a manager and go over their heads.

My ordeal with Sears is now over, I transferred the rest of our account to a 0% card and I paid the suckers off! 13 years of hell and I started boycotting the store 7-8 years ago adn told all my friends to also. They'll eventually get the message.

I'm so sorry for your troubles. When you find a job, try for times that your hubby can watch your DD. She is 4, almost ready for school. You can find a job for times that you can be at work and her at school.

Good luck! There is light at he end of a Sears tunnel! I promise there is!

Andi D.

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Tue, 04-08-2003 - 12:41pm
Hi! I am new here but I read your message. The only way that I know of to stop the interest and over the limit fee is to join a credit counseling agency. I am in ACCC- It is American Consumer Credit Counseling. You make one payment to them each month and they send out the payments for you. They can cut your debt in half. Mine is working out great. They will stop the phone calls also. The web site is They have really helped me. I have a Capital One, Sears, and Providian on there. I will be out of debt in about 2 more months except for my car and student loans. It has taken a while and some effort but it is worth it.
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Mon, 04-14-2003 - 12:09pm
Yes, I agree, Sears is a tough one...they slapped a judgemnet against me in a likkety split...according to them, with all the interest and fees I know owe them 4x more...then they sent a letter months later telling me to offer them a settlement amount for consideration...I couldnt...just didnt have it, still dont...My mother in law has been dead for 6 years and we are still getting letters from her creditors! I have told them the woman is dead...I called them all the week she died and sent proof to those that asked, yet they some still call and send letters!!
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Mon, 04-14-2003 - 2:24pm
Thanks for the advice. Although we do not qualify for credit counseling. The only unsecured debt we have is just this one card and it's balance is relativly low in comparison.

Capital one is still persistant calling me twice a day everyday and even their machine calls me on sunday. UGh.... I wish they would have been this persistant with me when I wasn't paying them anything, I would of probably of started paying them sooner and wouldn't be still owing them money. As of this friday I would of sent them 5 payments within 14 days. I'm also planning on paying them a big chunk on friday to get me down below the limit so hopefully they will QUIT CALLING! I'm just concerned now because I will receive the payment on the 18th. They also add all interest and fee's on the 18th. Just my luck they will add the overlimit fee anyway and it will take me back over the limit. Hmmm I will have to ask them about this when they call me today. Almost looking forward to that phone call