I may have more $$ coming my way ...m

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I may have more $$ coming my way ...m
Mon, 04-07-2003 - 9:10pm
Basically I am a sahm but I do work four hours a week (two mornings a week) while Dh watches the kids. Its a little extra money and I have saved half of all my earnings so far (started work in February). I work for a friend out of her home office doing office work, filing, bookkeeping etc. Anyways she just called me today to say that she may have more work/hours for me (if I was interested - duh, YES) if I wanted to do the same type of work for one of her colleagues!!! I do hope that this works out. We could really use the money!! Keep your fingers crossed for me. I am not sure when this would start or when I will find out if this is a go but the extra $$ would be wonderful for snowflaking!