The small things add up. What do

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The small things add up. What do
Wed, 04-09-2003 - 11:46am
you do week to week. We are so tired, each week is either an upper or a downer.

For example

dd feild trip $8

dd feild trip $8 dd $20 coaches gift

dd $6 for our family to watch her basketball game total $18 for three games

dd $20 total to watch two playoff games for family

dd $6 for lunch outing at school

dd basketball banquet in school basement 12@4people total= $48.00

dd basketball dinner $30 I gave $15 it was only her I would not pay for others.

school project $15 for supplies.

My sister without asking brought me to a restuarant and ended up cosing me

$14.00. Long story

Gift for nephew in new house $10 from hallmark, then tells me thanks for

the ash tray as a joke. not funny to me! It was a wall plate that read:

A home is where you laugh a lot

and are loved the most

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Fri, 04-11-2003 - 11:09am
Oh! Something else I thought of....

Sheesh, I couldn't BELIEVE the nerve of your nephew! He should be embarrassed. My husband and I actually have gifts as a line item in our monthly budget, because it seems like something - birthdays, somebody's wedding, mother's/father's day, etc. - happens every month. But I'm also into homemade stuff, which helps keep our gift costs down. Next time, take a batch of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies or a loaf of fresh bread and some honeybutter as a housewarming. People whose mouths are full tend to say fewer dumb things. :)

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Fri, 04-11-2003 - 10:09am
Hi kiddo!

I can hear your frustration. My suggestion would be to budget whatever you can see coming - expenses for the kids for extracurriculars are one. It's a real teachable moment for the kids as far as what they do affecting the budget for the whole family. From here on in, think about setting an activity budget - same amount for each kid: Suzy and Johnny both have $XXX they can spend on extra activities, whether it's all spent on one or on several. But when you're figuring up an activity's expenses, it should include how much it costs for the family to attend.

Or, if your kids are too little for that or it seems too complicated, maybe you can just budget in a weekly household slush fund for activities? It might cut down on the stress. Good luck!

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Wed, 04-09-2003 - 5:30pm
It is really hard when all these things keep popping up. I hope this means basketball season is over! I have to budget money for my kid's sports. Maybe this is something you can do next season, now that you have a better idea how much it cost. Does dd have an allowance? Maybe she can help with some of the extras that are not neccessaties. Like My dd wants to go to movie day at shool on friday, it's only a dollar, but it's not required that she attends, I may have her pay for that. She does not get a specific allowances but I give her a dollar or some change here and there for extra things around the house other than her normal chores.

Your nephew was very rude. I guess next time you have an occasion to give him a gift you should pick up an ashtray at a garage sale. He may appreciate the other gift a little more.

I know that sometimes we get ourselves into positions that it's all we can do is keep a positive number in the checking account after the bills are paid and make it to next payday. I have been there more than once. Eventually when things get a little more managable (or maybe your already there) you should always leave some money in the account to cover these types of things that pop up. If you have 3 kids of school age and involved in activities there may not be away to avoid it.

Good Luck - I hope your dd enjoyed her season.


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Wed, 04-09-2003 - 1:21pm
Wow, what an ungrateful nephew! He should be ashamed.

I know what you mean about things adding up. I don't have any advice for you there, it sounds like these are all expenses that would be hard to avoid. I would hate for you to miss your daughter's games.

Can you talk to school officials, explain your difficult financial situation and perhaps get a discount for a season's worth of games, or something along those lines?

Otherwise, maybe sell some things on ebay to make up the difference?

Good luck, and hugs,