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Thu, 04-10-2003 - 12:54am

i'm am so ticked off right now. where do i begin? my van's battery is dead. i just got done with college a month ago. can't get a job. have sears calling everyday before 8 am.

my husband is 6 months behind on payments with sears. they won't lower payments or interest so we can afford the payments. they won't take what we can afford.i was hoping to get caught up with tax money but car repairs, house repairs, lights, took priority. if didn't get trash that our dear sweet, cheap skates, itiots of realtives dump on our property: if we didn't get that removed and get some minor repairs done to house then we'd lose our homeowners insurance. can't get it cheaper than what we have it. car needed to work safely and run, be inspected for dh to get to work and for me to get back and forth to school. lights i don't think i need to explain there. my daughter had to take her to er. i'm ready to scream! my step daughter same property differ house wants to get more peeps, which i told hubby flat out no, she decides to order them. guess how that will turn out? wanna guess? we'll end up paying for feed and all that. we already have enough chickens and use what little money we get from eggs to buy feed. every pet in the last few years we ended up paying for feed. ugh! dh is sooo braindead to believe she will take care of these peeps/ but we are to store them . ugh!! i think not/ i don't know what to do. i'm ready to cry/ i do my best to pay what i can with my dh's check but hubby doesn't help. he doesn't understand why i'm upset. my name is attached to sears. he doesn't understand some of those horrier stories can happen/ just tonight he wanted to buy a 30 of beer for a family member's b-day. when his kids need something we have to suffer. incase you all don't know his kids are all capable of taking care of themselves. 2 are married and the third is living off of taxpayers. my daughter i want to put her in preschool to help her with getting prepared for school and being with kids.

i can't just unhook phone or let phone off hook because my gram has been having chest pains alot lately. i'm trying to keep up a strong front but don't know for how long.

i have done everything i can possibly do. i have cut things. we don't have cable or satilite, i got our insurance lowered by almost $100 every 6 mths, i paid some debt, i shop at aldis and save a lot, i use coupons, i got our light bill on budget plan, i hang clothes up when can, don't drive unnecessarily,and we don't eat out.

i have dreams of getting differ house of my own. long story....

i'm sorry so long but don't know where else or who else

no we aren't thinking of brankruptcy.

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Sun, 04-13-2003 - 6:35pm
I'm sorry you are having such a hard time. It sounds like it would be a bit easier if you could find a job and if you and your dh could communicate more about money. Sometimes everything just seems hopeless. I know I felt that way a lot the first year I was doing this, then the second year it all started coming together more and now I am in my third year, almost done and I have a contingency fund and a lot of debts paid off so money is less tight. Personally I hate Sears. I danced, literally physically danced the day I paid them off. I've come to see my credit cards as the first thing I pay, then necessities like food, house etc. Sears is a company that wants people in "permadebt"

I send you bushels of hugs. Hang in there, pray for a job and do something fun for you to get your mind off the situation.