Legal bills from ex husband

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Legal bills from ex husband
Thu, 04-10-2003 - 4:16am
I left my husband and his "BS" three and a half years ago, left him the house, didnt ask him for support, just took the kids and left. He remarried last year and i presume his new wife encouraged him to file for custody so he would NEVER have to pay. He rarely saw the kids during this time. He proceeds to take me to court over this and loses, then leaves the country, now I owe my lawyer 16K for this mess (X) caused. My pay has been garnished and it is getting increasingly difficult to make ends meet for myself and the 3 kids. I have a good paying job and have never had any financial problems before. I don't know what to do , bake sale perhaps, i tried to work overtime (16 Midnight shifts in a row) only to discover when I got paid, the lawyer got even more. Life sucks right now. Any ideas, any spare change?? Ladies.
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Thu, 04-10-2003 - 2:49pm
Sounds like a tough situation. Have you thought about taking out a personal loan to pay off part of your legal bills? I have no idea whether this would be a wise choice, or not, it's just something that occurred to me. A bank wouldn't garnish your wages at least. But there may be other repercussions I'm unaware of--others on this board can probably offer more practical suggestions.

16k is actually not that much debt if it's your only unsecured debt (at least, not compared to us and a lot of others on this board). You should be able to pay it, even if it's slow and steady. It sucks to be paying for someone else's ill deeds, but it won't be forever. Just pay as much as you can when you can, and keep your chin up. Thank goodness you have your kids.



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Thu, 04-10-2003 - 4:19pm
If you have good credit a loan maybe a good idea to pay off your lawyer. What about a line of credit? It works like a credit card (it revolves) and you are only required to pay the interest each month. That way you can pay what you can afford to pay (extra) each month. So when you work overtime you can pay extra to your loan but maybe not as much as is being taken from your paychecks. I would look into this. It may work for you as long as you are good about paying down your loan each month - other wise you could be in debt forever.

Also, to raise some extra money for yourself - what about a garage sale? Most of us have lots of extra stuff. You could also take yours and the kids clothes (once you are done with them) to consignment stores. I have read posts from others who sell/shop at ebay although I have never tried this myself.

Ways to cut back to have extra money: shop consignment, don't buy lots of prepackaged foods, cook/bake from scratch. Cut out extras such as cell phones, cable, Subscriptions to magazines, clubs etc. brown bag your lunches, etc .

good luck.