Good morning and {{hugs}} to everyone

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Good morning and {{hugs}} to everyone
Thu, 04-17-2003 - 9:58am
I'm sorry I don't post more often, I so much dislike this new format and it takes me 3xs longer just to read the posts than it did before.

It seems like things have been tough for alot of folks. I know last night DH and I had a huge disagreement ove rthe finances. THe only good thing about it was that DH finally has a clue about how tight things are going to be. Now, if he would only get a clue about finding a decent job! I shouldn't complain, at least he does have a job right now, but hye is not happy and feels as though he will never learn everything he needs to know. {{yelling}} "get a clue". DH has just retired form 20 years in the military and is not use to the "real" world.

Anyway, I about blew a gasket last night. I asked him to pay to bills yesterday {on his day off} one for the electric and 1 for the mortgage. The bank is just down the road and we just drop it by the bank to pay it. Well, DH did not pay the mortgage yesterday! His remark, oh it's not due until the 17th. I tell him no it's late on the 17th. We look at the statement and sure enough it is late on the 17th. I'm furious, not so much about the $53 late payment we will probably have to pay, but this is our credit and right now we have awesome credit! He better go to the bank at lunch today and talk to them, or I will do serious bodily damage to this man!

To top things off - just found both ds need orthodonic work. If we pay with a cc we get a 5% discount. SO, I'm sure folks here will not agree with this. I am going to charge our amount to our cc and open a 0% card and make the transfer. I have to open a 0% anyway because there is no way I am going to be able to pay off my furniture bill before it accrues the $1000+ interest.

On an awesome note - just as I finish telling dh that we were going to do that, I received a phone call for a 0%, 0 annual fee and $0 transfer costs! I think the caller was shocked I actually talked with her and was so agreeable.

So hopefully, DH has not screwed up our credit and we can continue to receive these 0% offers.

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Mon, 04-21-2003 - 1:44pm
DH is looking into the mortgage thing. I would do an auto withdrawl, but DH just got a new job and I need to see what sort or income he will be bringing in first.

We do have dental insurance and luckily {maybe} dh's insurance is transferring over so we will actually get $1500 from the first compay and $1200 from the other. I thought I would do the 0$ and then apply the reimbursed insurance $$ immediately towards the 0% card. I am aware what the 0% cards can do to our credit rating, but hopefully, we will not be applying for any more loans. We do have a small savings, but I can't use that in case we need it to pay our mortgage and my DH is against using the 401K.

I may have to rethink the 0% thing, DH's credit rating is so good and I hate to have it go down.


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Sat, 04-19-2003 - 12:18am
Hi...I am new to this board and wanted to add my two cents if you don't mind...I am a mortgage loan officer in NY...

In regards to the mortgage payment from the forgetful husband...the mortgage company does not report it to the credit bureaus till the account goes 30 days late. See if the lender will waive the late fee...especially if this was the first time the payment was late.

One other suggestion...see if your lender offers auto pay...meaning they take the payment out of your checking account every month...don't have to worry about writing a check just make sure the money is there!!

As far as the dental thing goes...I am assuming you may not have dental insurance or the procedure may not be covered if you do. Even though you are using a card with 0% interest and continue to transfer the balances to other cards with the same type of still aren't going to come out on top even with the discount. the future if you need to apply for a loan, refinance or whatever, lenders don't like to see that type of stuff on your credit report. That can make your credit scores lower. If you have some money in savings you may be better off using that. Do you have a 401k that you can borrow from? The interest rate on that is lower than most other loans and at least you are paying yourself back. Another option...see if the dentist will accept monthly payments for the work. You may be better off in the long run...even without the discount...

I hope this was helpful to you



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Fri, 04-18-2003 - 2:55pm
Good to hear from you! Keep on plugging with the new format and you will get accustomed to it. I am finaly feeling some flow with it and we cls had to start using the format before the boards changed. It has a different flow for sure. The techies say it gives us more security and if we get in here and post then it seems more dynamic. I'm encouraging everyone to hang in there to keep our community vital. We all need this support and understanding so much.


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Thu, 04-17-2003 - 12:10pm
A lot of people want my job! So sad that my boss can't make the Hawaii trip. I just found out Monday that I get to go. I've been just a little excited about it. I do have a great job and there is no good reason as to why I continue to stay in debt - except that I like to spend and charge! Whne I get my next raise {3rd of 4 this year} my yearly salary will have increased somewhere around $6000 a year. I hate that I finally got a clue so late and now with all this dental work coming up and DH losing about 1/2 his annual salary. I know I need to let go of all that and just be thankful that now I do have a clue and am much more wiser, financially, that is.

As for dodging the accrued interest - I have been doing this for about 2 years now. As soon as the 0% offer is over I transfer to a new one or one with 1.9%. The only problem I have is that in the past as I transferred over the previous 0% I would add more charges like I am now with the dental. At least I can say that the dental charge is more worthwhile than just buying things I don't really need.

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Thu, 04-17-2003 - 11:54am
That's awesome. So then they can't nail you for the accrued interest right?

Don't feel bad about charging the dental work. Somethings you just have

to take care of. And if you get a discount, then that's a little bonus anyway.

You get to go to Hawaii for work?!? I want your job!

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Thu, 04-17-2003 - 10:42am
I hear ya with the money control thing. I never wanted to be one of those controlling, nagging wives, but at this point, I have no choice. SOmeone in our family has to take control and if he's not.....

About the furniture bill. IT was bedroom furniture I bought last July that was $0 payments, 0% for 1 year. If I dont' pay it off by the end of June then the accrued interest is added. I should have paid a little bit each month, but didn't. I've just transferred the remaining balance onto a 0$ card that is good until Jul '04. At the rate I receive 0% offers, I might be able to transfer my debt until I die!

I really hate to charge the dental work, but I dont' see any other way. Besides I am always one for a bargain and a 5% discount is pretty good. Bummer that I will end up going backwards this month for the snowflaking when I have been doing so good at paying off any new debt incurred each month. Let's hope I can make some $$ on my work trips. I do have quite a few coming up {{including one to Hawaii!}

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Thu, 04-17-2003 - 10:24am
I hear you! My husband got paid on Friday and didn't deposit the check until Tuesday, when we were nearly overdrawn. The other thing he'll do is to take money out without checking with me. I'm not trying to be a control freak but he pays no attention to our finances and I've worked my butt off, so I think he should do me the courtesy of making sure things aren't tight before he withdraws money. It's usually no big deal but sometimes things are down to the wire and it irks me. Sometimes I resent controlling the "purse strings" but if he's not going to participate, then that's the way it'll have to be.

Hopefully the payment on the 17th won't affect your credit but I know how you feel.

Hang in there! I think your plan for the orthodontist is a good one.

So what's the deal with $1000 interest? How about using a convenience check from your credit card to pay it off first? Those checks are pure evil but in this case it might make sense. Or can you just transfer the balance? Sorry, I don't know how that type of financing works.