loywi1 and others....

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loywi1 and others....
Sat, 04-19-2003 - 9:46am
I wanted to post this so eveyone could learn if they need help...

I went through my bank I fell upon a 0% interest deal they were offering and they approved me. That was how I started. I have had an account with them for yeaars so they knew I was reliable. Try that first.

My credit has gone from bad to very good but I also pay about $500 a month to debt.

Have you called the creit card companies and told them your situation? That you cant' even afford the minimums?? Maybe they can help you.

Hope that helps. And most importantly, ask for help, Heavenly help if you are so inclined. I know my faith has strengthened by seeing blessings in my financial status.

Thanks for asking,

Andi D.