ATTN anyone who has health insurance

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ATTN anyone who has health insurance
Mon, 04-28-2003 - 7:30pm
Check your EOB (explaination of benefits) from your insurance company carefully. My DD went to a dentist in October. Of course before her procedure, we knew what our out of pocket amount would be. So we paid the $358.40 at the time of service. Well, when I got the form from the insurance company it said our responsibility was $237.40, a difference of $119. Well, to make a long story short, I wrote 3 letters with no response. I kept getting "follow up" notices for my DD cleaning. So I called the office and said, "Before I schedule the next appointment, I would like to check on the balance of the account" The lady replied it was zero. I told her I had a copy of my EOB and I had written a couple of letters because I believe I was owed $119.00. Well, after she pulled the chart, she tried to say I was mistaken, then she said she would research it and call back within 30 minutes. When she called back nearly an hour later, she apologized and asked for my debit card so she could process the refund immediately. I was so excited! I got a receipt in the mail the next day, so I know it wasn't a dream. My advise, check those EOB and see if you are due any money!!! Good Luck!!



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Tue, 04-29-2003 - 10:20am
This has happened to me a few times with the dentist. I suppose they would rather have an overpayment then an underpayment.
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Tue, 04-29-2003 - 5:01pm
this has happened to me too. Luckily, my dentist paid back immediately. I've been told you can request the dentist to wait until they have filed with the insurance. I don't know if dds will wait, haven't tried. My regular dds, always filed first. But, when those pesky wisdom teeth had to come out, the oral surgeon requested pymt. Sometimes, it's hard coming up with that 300 bucks, then you find out weeks later it was only 200. Irritating!! Been there, done that!! :)