Medical Insurance Nightmare

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Medical Insurance Nightmare
Tue, 05-20-2003 - 8:26pm
Sorry ladies - major vent here. I'm currently on COBRA after having left my job in February. I am suffering the worst allergies I've ever suffered in my life - my eyes are so swollen/puffy that I was unable to drive to a job interview today (grrr). I'm feeling like a bit of a drama queen over here - but I tell you it's true.

I had to fill a new prescription last night for new medicine to try, and OF COURSE my insurance info is all wrong - they tell me coverage was terminated in 2000. Wrong! But I NEEDED the medicine - so, close to $200 later...I have a one-month supply of allergy meds, and I don't even have the mental capacity to look into how to get reimbursed just yet. I'll save receipts and tackle it when I'm ready - but I'm so peeved today!!!

Thanks for listening.


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Tue, 05-20-2003 - 10:01pm

Sorry for both things, icky allergies and insurance hassles. An unavoidable part of life unfortunately! Hope your pricey meds help! I know my husband was sick a few months ago and with no prescrpition insurance, and of course I picked his scrips up and had to fork over the money!

I am sure with all the receipts that you will be able to get it settled when your head feels better!