step kids, credit card , and immaturity

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step kids, credit card , and immaturity
Wed, 05-28-2003 - 12:13am
Hi, I have posted here and there for bit now. Anyway i need to vent. I did take care of Sears bill only through a DMP (careOne). Here's my problem my step daughter and her now hubby ran up a credit card in my dh name with permission but under the understanding i would get $ 300 that pay day and they'd pay their amount of the debt. We had debt on there and paid off our portion and a little of theirs. Anywho i never did received the $300 but they did at first made payments to the cc. Then they stopped paying. Which was due because they were living here and freeloading and i spoke up (they didn't think i should). Finally it got to point my husband stood up and said enough is enough. They moved out and telling everyone a sob story that i was a well you know and my husband was an animal abuser and we are unfit partents. Sometime after this the cc account was closed by company. After this dh forgave them about the lies, and they started paying on cc again. Well the funny part is my step daughter's husband makes three times the monthly money my husband makes. Now they are claiming poverty. the pay only min payment and wonder why the amount isn't going down. Well duh!! Anyway now they saying we need to get the cc company to lower interest or they won't pay anymore. I did call but the ccc said no way. I can't afford to pay it. I'm looking for a job. unless my husband cancels our health insurace we CAN'T pay it. My husband acts like this is no big deal but hello if they don't pay and we don't pay we will get harrassed. I'm sorry but he may not be concerned but i am. Another funny part is if this was my mom or brother doing this he'd be ready to sue. i don't know what to do. I know these people expect us to pay this but there is now way we can. No way!! I have cut everything to pay the big bad Sears bill which is $112 per month and no we can't lower it. WHat the world do i do?

sorry just needed to vent


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Wed, 05-28-2003 - 10:39am
I really have no idea what you can do, it sounds like it is up to DH to deal with it (and obviously he's not). I know money & family is a very tricky matter. I would definately make sure to put your foot down that no more goes out. Did you mention to your DH that if the tables were turned and it was any of your family he wouldn't be so lenient?

Did you post on the Debt Question & Answer board? Maybe someone there has some other ideas.



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Wed, 05-28-2003 - 11:38am
My dh and i have talked his opinion is it's his kids where as my mom and brother aren't my kids. They don't take him seriously when he does put foot down. His thing is he doesn't to fight and doesn't want to piss his daughter off. She is one of those people who think everyone owes her. Will the ccc come looking for the items that were purchased on that card? if so that'd be kinda funny for them. bye bye surround sound!!! I just can't deal with the phone calls. It's frusterating to know i can't do anything about it. if i have the money i'd pay but paying only min payment won't get anywhere. of course this gets my sd and her h out of paying. err!!

My dh also thinks the ccc can't do anything cuz his sil said so. Which is the same person who thinks min payments to the cc will make balance go down.

thanks anyway

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Wed, 05-28-2003 - 1:44pm
When they call you looking for payment, I would give them your husband's number, and tell them to call him from now on.

I hope you've cancelled the card already. People messing up your credit can have negative consequences for you down the road.

If hubby wants to allow his children to sponge off of him, and not develop any character because they don't have to, he should do it without putting you at risk. It's not your problem. Don't let him make it your problem.

My anger comes from my two ex-husbands. The first left me with nothing. I was very smart to keep my money separate from his, except for doing taxes together one year (and one year only, once I saw how he handled his finances), and co-signing for a truck for him so he could work. Then ex-hubby number two left me with $24K in credit card debt, racked up rehabing our house, which I then had to sell, and split the miniscule profit with him, even though I had purchased it with my own money! At least I had always kept my money separate from his, so his bankruptcy didn't affect me.

I'm not saying your husband is going to leave you in the lurch with bad credit, but, what if? You have to protect yourself. If he's going to mis-manage his money, that's his problem. Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes, and not have to go through them yourself.

All the best,

Lee Ann

Lee Ann