Feeling empowered here!!

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Feeling empowered here!!
Thu, 05-29-2003 - 9:53pm
I've been reading and posting (a little) and I feel like I can take over my bills. DH and I went to CCCS and it's a huge pymt and everytime I turn around, they need more $$. I've told them to rearrange amts and they say they can't do that until I've been on the program for a year!? I know there are some risks, but I'm thinking if all of you are doing it, why can't I? I read the Mundis book and loved it. I feel like now, I can handle it. (as long as everyone stays with this board!! :)) DH and I talked long and hard about it and after June's pymt, we're going to sit down and figure out our own debt reduction plan. I've got the tools, support (here and with DH), and I'm ready!! I already budget and can tell you exactly where our money is going. Although, I'm still teaking the budget (excuse me: spending plan) to get more income out of it every month and it's working. Our income isn't very stable right now. DH lost his job and has decided to open his own business back in his home town (which means ANOTHER move). My part-time work is getting steadier and I've started to supplement with mystery shopping (I finally got some shops!!) and I don't know why, I just feel GOOD!!

Does anyone have any suggestions here? Should I contact the cc company's first? or will they just tell me lies to keep me with CCCS? Or am I really better off with CCCS? I know you can't tell me what to do, but maybe some personal experiences?

Thanks for being here!!!

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Thu, 05-29-2003 - 11:30pm
I think that it's great that you feel empowered and confident in taking over your own debt reduction plan! I have never used CCCS but my one caution would be are there penalties for leaving the CCCS? Is there a fee to leave the program? And if you leave the program, just make sure that you start your payments to all of your creditors on time so that nothing winds up being late between when the CCCS made the last payment and when you make the first payment! Does that make sense? I find that online banking is the easiest way to keep track of everything---easy to make the payments, plus I keep a record of it in my cheque book register, and can review it all online too! Also, I keep all my bills in a 3-hole binder, separated by divider pages. This makes for easy reference, and I write the electronic payment confirmation reference number with the date I made the payment in my chequebook register, and often on the bill itself.

Hope that helps, and good luck, whatever you decide! Personally, I am all for being in control of the situation myself, if you are confident that you are able to manage it witout outside help. Good luck!