Update to my "totally torn" post...

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Update to my "totally torn" post...
Sat, 05-31-2003 - 10:28pm
I decided not to apply for the job I mentioned. I am hoping for more interesting and varied work through the temp agency. The job I had wed-fri (and will have next week) really picked up on Friday. I am working at the coolest radio station in town. It is only reception again, but it is a good scene for me. I am just hoping to broaden my experience even more.

To Heather: thank you for the ideas about professional training seminars. I'm not sure if I would like to pursue that right at the moment, but it is something that I will most definitely keep in mind. I think that I could be good at that and I may try to get into it in the future.

To momof2boys: yes, we are planning to move to Edmonton sometime--maybe next year or maybe in 2005. It depends on a few things. My bf is from there--the south side fairly close to Whyte Ave. I really liked it there and the housing is much cheaper. What is real estate like in Calgary? For example, do you have any idea the average price of a single family home--average type of house? In Victoria (bc) the average single family home price is about $250,000. I don't know if that factors in condos or not, I don't think so. We are just hoping for better housing prices and hopefully a better job market.

Thanks to everyone for the responses. I had kind of a tough week last week for various reasons, but I am going to try to reel myself in and stop the charging. Last weekend I bought two new pairs of shoes (total: $257.63). I had to have comfortable shoes. I couldn't do Payless shoes again because they just cripple my feet. I will wear these shoes until they fall to bits. One pair will be good for winter as well as summer. I also had to make the investment in professional, decent shoes for work. I was getting embarrassed with my other shoes that I was wearing to work. Then with other charging I have added about $350 of new debt (incl. shoes) in this last week.

My new charges were all on one card that had a low rate balance transfer, so to avoid paying the high interest on the $350 of new charges for the however long it takes to pay off the balance transfer, I transferred the whole thing ($1900) to another card with a low rate until paid off APR...and I also transferred the last $600 that I owe my bf to the same card, so my last $2500 of credit card debt is all consolidated on one card. I still have $100 or so on the visa that is used only for my online shopping. That shouldn't take long because most of that I am going to return. So things feel good. I will be so glad to have bf paid off and now I will just have the one amount to focus on. I am hoping to pay the $2500 off by my birthday in mid september. I am also taking $500 out of savings, and that is the balance of what I owe bf (along with the $600 balance transfer). I am planning to focus mainly on rebuilding the savings and I will let the credit card debt just sit for a bit. Having that savings calms me down.

Thank for listening and as always, I appreciate having you all around.

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Sat, 05-31-2003 - 11:50pm
I believe that the average price of a house here in Calgary is around 175,000 to 185,000(?) for a single family home. Of course that can vary. We are more expensive than Edmonton, that I know for sure. We are looking at buying a 3 bedroom condo next year and we are looking at prices between 120k and 130k. (of course we could easily go higher or lower but than we would be living in a less desirable neighborhood).


PS I almost fell off the chair when I read you bought two shoes for over 250.00! LOL

I do understand though. I have a friend who is VERY frugal yet spends over a hundred dollars for shoes because anything else doesn't fit her well and hurt her feet.

I am glad you are feeling better.

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Sun, 06-01-2003 - 1:34am
Have fun at the radio station! You will probably get to meet some fun interesting people. Enjoy the shoes, I need to invest in a pair because my new job is a lot of walking and I got blisters from my payless shoes, which never gave me a problem before....
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Sun, 06-01-2003 - 9:53am
I know the cost of the shoes is outrageous. Of course, there is 14.5% sales tax, so $32.62 of that was TAX!! Grrr....that's another reason I would like to try living in Alberta. One pair of shoes is a Mary Jane Dr. Marten shoe, and the last pair of Dr. Marten's I had lasted me over five years with heavy wearing for the first five years. The other pair of shoes is a pair of Clark's-like leather clogs. They are cute and soooo comfortable (and they were only $75, which I consider a bargain for comfortable shoes that are also office-worthy. I have bad bunions on my toes so it makes it very difficult to find cheaper shoes that my feet will fit into-let alone be comfortable in. The bonus is that I found feminine-looking shoes that are comfortable! Yay.
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Sun, 06-01-2003 - 10:50am

Glad you no longer feel torn! I'm glad that we're all able to help you make a decision that you feel comfortable with. :)

Have fun at the radio station!


All my best,

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Mon, 06-02-2003 - 10:16am
There is a database of current Canadian housing prices at http://www.royallepage.ca/schp/query.asp