update on "not worrying, not worrying"

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update on "not worrying, not worrying"
Mon, 06-02-2003 - 11:00am
i just called the billing dept. at the hosp. regarding the bills rec'd on saturday. it turns out one bill was never submitted to the insurance company we had at the time of date of service. the person i spoke w/ in billing will submit to the insurance company. hopefully, i owe less if not anything.

as for the second bill, it was an er visit. it was submitted to the insurance. therefore, i called the insurance company to ask why i owe certain amount. the representative told me, i'm only responsible for the copay (which is $50. a lot less than what the hosp. is billing me.) however, the billing dept. at the hospital wants an explanation of benefits indicating my responsibility is $50. (the insurance only paid them half of the charge.)

let's see what i can dig up.

keep you ladies posted.


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Mon, 06-02-2003 - 11:19am
That's great, Mym! Hope it all clears up for you!

Hospital billing systems (and insurance too) are so messed up and disorganized. Years ago, I was in an accident where the other guy's insurance company covered my medical expenses. However, I had medical insurance at the time that covered most of the expense up front, and then I got paid back the full amount (including what the insurance company had covered) from the other guy when the claim went through. Well, at the time that the insurance company covered my original bills, they also sent me a letter saying that I would need to pay them back when I got my money from the other guy's insurance company. But when I got the money (which was three times what the bills had actually been--pain and suffering and all that LOL), I couldn't find the bill from the insurance company. So I called them for the exact amount and an address to send it to. But they didn't know and couldn't find the records. I called a few more times, and got different answers each time, and different amounts, but no one was ever quite sure. So I kept that money in a savings account for years expecting to get a bill (with late fees and hoop-la attached) any day. It never came.

I hope it never comes back to bite me, but I think they just don't have good records. And I wasn't willing to send the money to them and risk it getting lost in their system and still getting a bill for it some day.

So, that's my story. I hope yours turns out in your favor too!



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Mon, 06-02-2003 - 4:18pm

i know what you mean. it is such a headache to deal w/hospital billing depts. and insurance companies.

the insurance company is sending me a letter stating that i am only responsible for the $50 copay. i can't wait to get it. i tried calling the billing dept. at the hospital to get their fax number. however, no one answered. i tried a few times. i got an operator who took a message, but no one has called me.

anyway, i'll just wait for the letter from the insurance co.

p.s. hope you still saved the $$$$ in case a year from now they starting calling. these bills are from february 2002. what the heck took them so long.