Update on me...some good, some sad...

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Update on me...some good, some sad...
Sun, 06-08-2003 - 1:51pm
I've sort of been MIA for the last week. I worked this past week and half the one before it as reception at a radio station. I had a blast. I was *just* the receptionist but everyone was soo nice and it was a fun environment. Plus I got some free stuff too. A free nice shirt, free slurpee, offer of free tour of the studio (my brother's birthday is next Sat. and I KNOW he will love that), plus the girl I worked with/for in promotions gave me 4 free cds-I for me and three for my brother's birthday. I helped her as much as I could, but that was my job, so I think she was very kind. Plus I got two free tickets to a silent auction that was last night.

Anyway, on Wednesday sometime during the day, one of my budgies died. My bf found him when he got home from work. He was already dead, just went down to the bottom of the cage and died. He was FINE the night before and in the morning when I left for work. He was the first budgie we got, completely out of the blue at the beginning of October 99. I'd never been allowed to have a budgie as a kid, and my bf hasn't had a pet since he was three and they had to have the family cat put to sleep because she was very old and because doctors finally realized bf was allergic...so we spent the rest of the week very deep in grief and also trying to make it through two long busy days at work. We mostly ate out or didn't eat since we couldn't function very well. I'm getting used to it without him. We still have four budgies, but the guy who died was extremely special. He sang every morning without fail, and none of the others do.

So my radio station gig is over, but they did ask for my resume...one girl got fired at the start of my second week, and one girl is very close to maternity leave, and who knows? It's a nice environment. Also on Friday the temp agency called me and they want me to be one of three people to interview for a temp-to-perm job as an admin assistant...I'm going to go for it because if it pays what she said on Friday, I could likely pay my 13,000 of debt in a year. So that is very hopeful.

I have got things so that my bf is paid off. Credit cards are pretty straight but I still want to get a few clothes. Going to have to force myself to wait on that. I have to figure out car insurance $ in the next week. Also nervous about having less money in savings and no work for this week yet. Am planning to travel home next weekend partly for my brother's birthday and partly because I am going to bury Lucky (our budgie) at my mum's house. She has agreed and we will choose a special tree to put with him. I'm trying to choose between a magnolia and a Japanese maple that turns colours in October in celebration of the time of year that I got him. So the trip will cost $ too. I think I have enough in savings and should get enough work that I can pay for it all without having to pay interest charges. Hopefully. I just have to be really restrained with everything now.

Anyway, after Wednesday through saturday being very deep in grief, we decided to go to the silent auction that I got the free tickets for. I already knew what a number of the items were. I had a blast bidding on things all night. My bf took one look and said "you're never going to the casino" giggle. Anyway, I was bidding on about 15 different things, but smartened up when the prices went higher than what I wanted to pay for things. What I did wind up with were the two things I really wanted, and I only got them by being at the tables in the last minute of bidding. I got a three month membership to a women's only gym for $60 (three months at the YMCA is $167) and I have been putting off a gym membership for a long time to try to concentrate on debt. I also got a gift certificate for a full set of acrylic nails and a deluxe pedicure and gift basket for $75. Yes, I could live without all that very well, but I had a very fun time, got out of the house, and got past some of the grief about the bird dying. Plus, the whole point of the silent auction is to raise money to send disabled kids to summer camp. I've wanted acrylic nails for years, and the only way I would spend the money on them is in this way, where I know they have been donated and the money I paid is going to a good cause charity. I didn't have to spend the money, but it was fun and I am just really cognisant of the fact that I need to adjust other spending to account for it. It was really funny, at one point a woman who had been bidding against me for the nails/pedicure said "you must be Rebecca...I notice you are bidding on all the pampering items"--guilty as charged.

Oh, on another note, we have decided not to try to move apartments now (as we were so determined to do right before Lucky died) because I can't bear the thought of moving away from the only place that has memories of Lucky, when I know that he won't be coming with us. So that will save us a lot of money too.

Thanks for listening and being here for support. I'm still struggling, but getting closer to being out of debt. Slower than I could be but I don't regret any of my choices at the moment.

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Mon, 06-09-2003 - 12:31am
Rebecca -

I am so sorry for the loss of your budgie. You seem to be very knowledgeable about birds and bird care, so I know that you are aware that as prey animals, they hide their symptoms of illness very, very well. Just know that you provided him a warm and loving home for his lifetime with you - keep a close eye on your other guys in case there's anything communicable going on.

You're in my thoughts.


All my best,