House Woes

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House Woes
Mon, 06-16-2003 - 10:32am
I told you guys that most of my debt has come from my house on my last discussion. See here is how that debt happens. We had to get a heating and air conditioning unit becuase our old method of heating was a pellet stove that kept overheating ant night and blowing this black dust into the air (and we keep getting sick, which we figured this could be the cause). They came to install it and when they went into our crawl space they said it was full of rat droppings and we needed to have that cleaned up before they could install. So we called the place they gave us and set up an appointment. When they came they said that our support beams to our house were rotted. Our Inspector said they were completely sound when we bought the house. When we told the compliance guy that he said we needed to take our inspector out and shoot him. Also, they had to take all of our insulation out from under the house because the rats had been nesting in it and it was saturated with rat urine. So although I felt great that we were able to pay for the rat clean-up with cash, we now have to get new insulation under the house and build support beams and stuff. Thankfully my husband said he has the supplies and can handle the support beams and the insulation. We just have to buy the insulation, plus we HAVE to put a new roof on this year, even though we were told it was fine when we bought it, we lost a lot of tiles last winter. The supplies for the roof are $1000, thank goodness my husband is a handyman. I feel like I am in a money pit. Thankfully our house has appraised at $30,000 more than we own on it, but I feel like I am living in a money pit.
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Mon, 06-16-2003 - 8:27pm
How long have you had your home? You might be able to get some remuneration from the inspector. They are supposed to tell you things like that, and if you can show that the beams must have been rotten when he inspected, you may be able to get him to pay part of your costs, or at least refund you your inspection money.

Good luck!