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Tue, 06-17-2003 - 1:27pm

I went to a temp agency today to fill out paper work. guess what!!? They atcually seem to want to help me get a job. I have already registered elsewhere but that place didn't seem to want to do anything. I was amazed. I could possibly work sat if i can arrange for a family member to watch dd. my dh has to work sat it's ot but we need the ot. the pay for the place i would be working is $7.50 per hour for about 6 hours. still that's roughly $35 tax included. It know it doesn't seem like much but it would be extra money. I wouldn't have to travel very far about 5 mins from house and babysitters no charge. It's if i worked a full time job i would need day care. My family and his will help out when they can until i work full time and get a few checks. I babysit at least 3 days a week making only $10 per day so this is big boost.

My sd the one who owes us for cc bill she ran up is still be spoiled brat. since she is pregant she expects us to go out and buy name brand and expensive stuff for baby and baby shower. isn't going to happen!!! I can't afford to pay expensive stuff for dh, dd or more importantly myself. In my eyes it's her dh's responsiblity not mine or my dh. granted depending on money i will buy something probably diapers, wipes and bath stuff no clothes cuz she has all the way up to my dd size in clothes. I give up on buying clothes and things cuz its never good enough. If we give money it's not enough, if i buy clothes since i don't buy gap she gives them away. I bought some clothes already for the baby granted dollar store and big lots but still cute and noone would know the difference but someone told where i bought them at and well they got missing. I did buy diapers for the baby. they had winnie the pooh so she'll keep them. I bought clothes basket for baby's clothes and she made that a bed for her dog. I keep trying to at least be nice to her at least for dh's sake.

Needless to say i do give up on her and her dh paying for this bill and she will never as long as i live or am married to dh she will never get access to our cc or get anymore loans of any sort. my dh has learned the hard way to look out for himself before anyone else.

thanks for the ears and wish me luck.


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Tue, 06-17-2003 - 1:55pm
Glad to hear that you have a temp agency willing to work with you and really help you out. As for your sd, WOW! She really is a spoiled brat and obviously very ungrateful as to give away clothes that were gifts for the baby and make a bed for her dog out of the basket you gave her. She obviously does not really care for you and it seems to me (just from what I've read) that you have gone above and beyond to be kind to her. I'm sure she doesn't like you b/c you have stood up to her regarding the cc account they ran up. IMO I would not be buying/giving her any more gifts. If you give anything for the baby, I would give a savings bond or open up a mutual fund or savings account for the baby with you as a signer/owner so that she is not allowed to touch it.

I'm sorry you have to deal with someone like that, but I think you are a great person for doing it for your dh. I'm sure he really appreciates it.


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