since January life has been tuff.....

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since January life has been tuff.....
Fri, 06-20-2003 - 10:02pm
Hello everyone, has been a while since I posted, had to even change my name because I forgot my password and forgot the email address that I used when I opened under Megamom.Anyway my dh hurt his back at work, and he did get hurt at work, he was doing a job and his back went out on him, ended up being herniated disk. They denied him workman's comp, so he used 44 sick days that he had and then they put him on short term disability....60percent of current pay and he used to get alot of overtime so we were hurting bad. We had transfered alot of our credit cards to zero interest cards in hopes to pay them off faster....all of this was taking place before the injury at work. Well needless to say we had to use those cards to survive..I only work part time but made as much time as they would possibly let me...I also had to take time to drive him to appointments and be out when he had surgery in March. He has just gotten back to work but things are getting tight. We turned in our van when we knew we could not pay the payment...$466 a month. Now they are calling us wanting the balance...$12,800. It was so funny the woman called said what the balance was and then asked if that would be cashier's check or something was so funny I kindof chuckled....I told her we did not have that kind of money...she kept on rattling off we own our home..could we I gave her the whole story. The balance is accuring a finance charge of $5 something a day...I told her I couldn't do anything. I just don't know how things are going to turn out. The Lord has really been with us....friends, our church, has been wonderful, money coming from out of no where....we had several cards that has the disability insurance on them. I said all this to say that I need your prayers...I know that the Lord will see us through...what ever it may be, don't have to file bankrupcy and that was one of the things that the lady asked, if we intended to pay this bill and I said yes. I told here that we felt that turning in the van would be better than them having to come and get it...It was a 98 windstar van and when they auctioned if off they only got a little over 2,000 for the van, that went towards the balance but then they charged us for prep for auction and several other things. They will get you every which way your turn...I just hate that we were just getting things on the right track... this was going to be the year we got out of debt and now we are probably twice indebt as we were before.....thanks for listing....take care. Debbie
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Fri, 06-20-2003 - 11:03pm
I just wanted to send you big hugs--I know it's tough. I wanted also to say that I remember you from your posts before and it is nice to have people come back and check in. I am hoping things work out for you.

I'm not religious and don't go to church, but one thing that I have learned through this whole trying to get out of debt and still keep hanging on is that I have learned to have faith that things will work out. I believe someone is really looking out for me and that with responsibility for my own actions, courage, and faith that things will be alright, then I WILL be alright. Does that make sense? I have managed to shed so much of the fear that was immobilizing and keep going forward with more strength and courage because now I TRUST that things will be okay (as long as I do my part). I did not used to think that way.

Anyway, it is nice to see you around again.

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Sun, 06-22-2003 - 9:08am
Prayers for you and even though things are really tight for you right now, I'm glad that your DH has gotten back to work, etc... It will take quite a while to get caught back up but with a regular income coming back in that should help you quite a bit. :)

Welcome back.


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Sun, 06-22-2003 - 9:16am
Welcome back, Debbie. Thanks so much for posting. You've got a whole lot going on right now. One thing at a time.

Being injured or disabled is not anything that many of us ever plan for. I do suggest that you sit down and evaluate your circumstances. There is *no shame* in filing for bankruptcy due to such circumstances. It may be worth discussing with a lawyer. You may also wish to discuss your dh's denial of his workers comp claim with a workers comp lawyer. I think that workers comp lawyers are regulated as to how much they can charge or bill you - though I don't recall how that all works. If your dh was injured at work, *don't* let the insurance company get away with denying his claim. It's wrong - that's what insurance is there for - to help you when you're injured. In their perfect world, they would sell a product that no one ever files a claim against. It's sick. But enough of my rant :)

Welcome back to the DSG. We're here for you!


All my best,