New Job and New Debt

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New Job and New Debt
Fri, 06-27-2003 - 10:39pm
Ok first off I'll say I got a job it's through a temp agency it's temp to hire job. Fulltime too. But before i got the call today my dh who owns our home agreed to get a loan to pay off car, 2 cc bills,(his name only cards) the house, and some fix up repairs.

i don't feel comfortable with this new debt and i realize it may ease the monthly crisis of paying these bills (we'd be saving $200). That money is hard to scrape up. At the same time we have attorney fees (for my dh to adopt my dd), medical bills, and my cc bill. i have to save $$$ to fix the heat in my van andboth car and van need the ac's looked at.

I haven't figured out whether this was worth the headache or not but little too late for that now. I have no say anyway i don't own the house according to the guy.

Well let's hope i can do my job and get hired permanently to pay for this. Also now i need to use cc to get some work clothes all my clothes are too big and or stained. Can't wear them on first day/

just needed some venting