Grrr...really mad at Chase!!

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Grrr...really mad at Chase!!
Mon, 06-30-2003 - 6:53pm
We have a Chase MC with 0% on the balance transfers and the purchases until 01/04.

We just noticed that they have been charging us an interest rate of 19.99%!!!!

My DH called them up and they were like, of course we are charging you interest per your card's agreement.

I pulled out our statements. The first 3 months no finance charges, then the next 2 months they are charging us interest on the transferred balances. Then this month, they charged us interst for the purchased amts.

I cannot wait to have this card paid off!!!!!

We just applied for a Discover card with 0% interest for 6 months then a fixed 9.9% forever after.

I am so angry that credit card companies can just do this and it's all perfectly legal! I swear, once our debt is paid off, I will never allow us to charge another dime so that these people can make a cent off of us on interest!!!!!!!!

Sorry about the venting but darnit, we were NEVER late on any of the payments and always sent in more than the minimum payment. The nerve of those jerks!


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Mon, 06-30-2003 - 11:29pm

I can say that I completely understand. We just had our own dealings with Chase. (A really, long boring story for most people)...

Awhile ago, we pulled our credit and there were several credit cards listed which we no longer used, had zero balances, I wrote letters to five different cards requesting that the accounts be of them was Chase. Well, about a month after that, Chase sent us a letter in the mail with our account number on it with a 3.9% fixed rate for the life of a balance transfer. We do still have one credit card with a balance on it, and I thought this sounded like a really good offer. I knew that this account had been closed, and I called Chase to see if my account could be reopened, so that I could take advantage of this offer. The rep said that she didn't know....I would have to go through the credit application process again.....Chase would then notify me if it had been reopened. About three weeks went past, and Chase sent me balance transfer checks for this account (with the acct. number listed) for the exact same offer (3.9% for the life of the transfer). So, assuming that my account was reopened, I sent it to our other credit card company. (We have never had a late payment with Chase, or anyone for that matter, so I just assumed the account would be reopened). Well, anyway, turns out that it apparently WASN'T reopened (with no explanation), and the credit card check was denied by Chase, and they charged us a $29.99 fee.

So, of course, my big question for Chase was.....why in the world are you sending us balance transfer checks for an account that has been closed for six months? Of course, they didn't know.

THEN.....they sent us an ad in the mail to apply for a credit card. So....just being ticked off and wanting to see what would happen.....I applied for a card with Chase and was APPROVED. After what happened with them, I have no plans to ever use the card. grrrrrr.....

Well, anyway, my point was.....I completely understand your frustrations with Chase. It's been awhile, and I'm still ticked off.

Just had to vent along with you.... ;)

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Mon, 06-30-2003 - 11:52pm
Grrrrrrr... well, from now I'm boycotting and telling everyone I know to boycot them also!