July spending plan

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July spending plan
Tue, 07-01-2003 - 8:30am
Today's the first of the month, so I got paid. I'm sending in monthly payment of $200 to the hospital for my uninsured emergency room visit last December, so my balance due is now $3255.98.

Cash I'll withdraw for the month: $44 for parking at the train station, $80 for allowance, $105 for sewing classes (I'm doubling up this week and next to get my wedding dress finished), $181 for dance classes. $150 for acupuncture. I was at first planning on acupuncture every week, but that's $300, too much for me. I'll go every other week instead. So that's a total of $560. I cancelled my piano lessons for July, so that pays for acupuncture.

I'll also have to front $705 for my night class, but my company will eventually reimburse me for that.

I'll pay $200 to my Fleet credit card, and $350 goes into the new account DF and I will open jointly after we're married on July 11. He'll match the $350, and that money will be used for things like vacations, draperies, furniture, couples massage classes. He's going to pay for the new dance floor out of the home improvement fund, which I thought was great.

$265 (10% of my pay) goes to my own savings account. $365 goes to my ING account. That leaves me $274 for DF's wedding band, and I'm down to zero. At least I'm not spending more than I'm making, and I feel prosperous.

Of course, that doesn't count dance income either, which should be about $300. I plan on throwing that into savings though. Once I have a few month's salary saved up, I'll start snowballing to my debt.

What a plan!!


getting married in 10 days oh my God

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