I did not incur wedding debt yesterday

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I did not incur wedding debt yesterday
Wed, 07-02-2003 - 11:21am
I ordered my wedding band yesterday! I got it through www.bluenile.com. Here's the link:


But I couldn't afford the engagement ring, only the band. So, instead of charging it, DF and I decided that we'd keep adding money to the joint account we're going to set up after we're married next week, and when there's enough in there, I get the ring, yea!!! We don't want to start off married life by debting.

I'm amazed at how inexpensive a wedding can be. We've got a photographer for $245, J.P. for $100, I'm making a skirt and jacket for $60, shoes $30, flowers $30 including the tools I bought to make my own corsages, boutineers, bouquet; Marriage license $35, dinner with wedding cake for 4 people will be about $100, gloves won on ebay $8.80, pedicure $60, gifts for Mom and son $60, gift for groom $55. That's only $725! And really, it could have just been $135 for the JP and license.

The ring was the most expensive part. DF still needs to choose a band, but it will be under $1K. They weren't required by law, but I want to scare away the guy chatting me up on the train, ha ha ha!!

I'm so excited, just 9 more days, ack!!!

Lee Ann, whose dress is *almost* finished

Lee Ann


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Wed, 07-02-2003 - 1:33pm
Yay! That is outstanding Lee Ann. You have done so well and you're doing it right. The wedding is not the marriage.

Ms Joe

PS -- My wedding band is quite large (heirloom diamonds from Mr Joe's grandmother) and I am still hit on constantly. A guy behind me in line at Costco borrowed my pen to give me his number. I was there with my parents and 5-year-old nephew who probably looked like my son. LOL!

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