Spending Triggers

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Spending Triggers
Sat, 01-24-2009 - 10:48am

Over on MyTMMO Community they were asking what your spending triggers are, soooo I was wondering what everyone's here was?

Mine are romance books, and good sales on food,

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Wed, 02-04-2009 - 2:57pm
I'm addicted to shoes. I have over 100 in my walk-in shoe closet, but I only wear three of them. Ack!
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Wed, 02-04-2009 - 4:16pm

Boy oh boy, we need to share "Frugal Gardner Tips".


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Wed, 02-04-2009 - 5:44pm

I've gotten so good at avoiding them, I've forgotten what they are. ;)

Seriously. . . used to be the sale emails from my favorite online stores. . . but I have learned to hit delete without looking at them if I don't need anything.

Looking at catalogs used to be a trigger. . . but again, if it isn't in my spending plan, I don't buy it.

I don't go to the mall or department store for "fun" - I go if I need to buy something, and I go with a list.

I don't even go food shopping unless DH asks me to pick up something in particular on the way home from dinner.

The only thing I'm likely to buy on impulse is dessert or wine in a restaurant. Really. My weakness is food and drink.


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Wed, 02-04-2009 - 8:05pm

Great question!

My spending triggers are:

books (I absolutely love having the books I read to keep)

shoes (I don't buy a lot of shoes or often but twice a year when I get my spring summer shoes or my fall winter shoes I do tend to get expensive shoes)

getting my haircut/colored - I could do it at home but I love the salon! Luckily I can stretch out time between appointments so I only go 4 times, maybe 5 a year.

The biggest trigger for me though is shopping when I am sad or have had a bad stretch of it. I too easily fall into the "I deserve to treat myself" mentality. I am working on it and usually it is only smallish purchases but they add up!

Great question I can't wait to read everyone else's now.


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Wed, 02-04-2009 - 8:11pm

Your shopping trigger of Walmart sounds exactly like my shopping trigger of Target! Same kind of store. Even when I go in with a list I always come out with other things. I can't help it! I seriously have to avoid the store at all costs. Usually I will send my husband to get what we need!

:-) Michelle

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Wed, 02-04-2009 - 8:20pm

I'm pretty much like Mahopac. I don't really have a spending trigger like I used to. I've really reined it in. I know if I go into a store, there's always the temptation to get *just one thing* - so I don't go shopping. DH does the grocery shopping now & will get the assorted items at Wal-Mart or Target for me. I give him a list, and he sticks strictly to the list. In just the last 5 months, we've saved literally thousands of dollars by me not shopping, if not more, so the incentive to stay on this plan is immediately tangible and not something with which I'm tempted to fall off the wagon.

There are no malls close to us (nearest one is 45 minutes away, and not worth it), so that's not an issue. Catalogs go straight in the recycle bag when they come in the mail. I know I don't have the money to order anything, so I just don't look anymore.

So that leaves food and drink for me too. I love eating out and when I'm home, I love eating well. We use the envelope system for both now, so I know I have to stay within the budget. But for eating out, I'm willing to save up the envelope money for a couple of months so that I can drink wine with my dinner or get a dessert.