Newbie Breast Reduction

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Newbie Breast Reduction
Sun, 12-21-2008 - 10:51am

Hello Ladies,

I'm a newbie to the board. I just had a BR on November14,2008 and It was the best thing I could have ever done. I was currently a 36G and I'm not sure what size I am now. My Doctor told me he would make me a D cup ,but we all know that's hard for them to measure that correctly. I think i may be a 36D or 38D. I'm currently5 weeks post-op today and I feel great!

I do have a blood clot that is still somewhat hard in the left breast,but he actually had to remove more tissue from that one. I still concern as to how long it will take for the clot to completely dissolve.
I'm still in a sports bra. I'm sure I can wear one right know,but I will wait another week.
My scar are very light to the point you would think I had a reduction and so are the lipo scars underneath the arms.

I use the Shea butter in the jar from Walmart. It's the best and it makes them soft. Mine are so perkie they just sit there.I also have really nice cleavage as well. I like the feel of putting on a t-shirt with no bra.(lol) Oh and boy do I have nipple sensation
(lol) I'm extermly happy.