2 Days post-op, new to board

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2 Days post-op, new to board
Wed, 12-31-2008 - 6:06pm

Hello everyone,

I knew I'd beable to find some fellow BS's. I am two days out post-op and I am sore, wearing the support bra. I am trying to not take any pain meds today because they seem to make me nausea. I am really tired and anxious to see what they will look like when the swelling goes down. I was a 42DDD and my PS made them a full D so hopefully things will look good. Right now they seem so little compared to what they were. I can actually see my belly now and as soon as I get the go ahead to exercise that thing is gone too. My hubby has been real weird about his whole thing. He is a boob man but I would think a D cup would still be enough. Besides it hasn't been him that has been luggin around the extra 5lbs on his chest and back. It has been amazing how much lighter I feel. Any suggestions on how to get through this first phase would be good. Good luck to everyone else.

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Thu, 01-01-2009 - 9:36am
Hey there. Welcome to the board.
I'm 4 months post-op now. What I did was switch over to ibuprofen as soon as possible. I was sent home with vicodin and gave me that dizzy, high feeling too. I think I remember using it only for sleep by the end of the first week. I always sleep on my stomach, so sleeping sitting up was really hard for me.

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Fri, 01-02-2009 - 11:04am
Congratulations to the new you!!
I started taking Tylenol by the 3rd day and that seemed to take the edge off. I was never really in pain, just uncomfortable. I found my recliner and lots of pillows to be my best friends that first week. I tried to walk around as much as I could to keep from getting stiff, plus it helped me sleep, if I got that little bit of "exercise". Just be careful of overdoing after you start feeling good. Over using your arms can make you sore and swell. I found that out the 2nd week and would have to sit with bags of frozen peas under my arms to get the swelling/soreness down.
My husband, too was a boob man, but when he saw how happy I was with my new girls, he looked at them as new toys. So hopefully your husband will be the same way. I wear Victoria Secret bras now and he really likes them compared to the huge white minimizer bras I would wear!LOL!!
I think alot of us can also relate to the belly. It's like, where was that hiding... they say things don't grow in the shade, yeah right!! I have been working on getting rid of that and it's not easy, but it is easier with less boobage on ya to work out, for sure!!! Now I don't have to wear sports bras over my regular bras just to keep them from slamming into my face when do aerobics!!
You will find so much positive stuff with your new girls. People told me I looked taller; I wasn't hunched over anymore.
Good luck and speedy healing!
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Mon, 01-05-2009 - 9:20pm
Helllo and welcome to our little board here. Sorry I didn't get a chance to welcome you faster. Are you feeling any better now? I found the best way to take prescription pain meds was on a full stomach. My boyfriend was home the first week of my recovery so he always made sure I had something in my system before he would let me take them. That helped with the stomach upset. As for his reaction to my new girls well he was shocked at first to see them all bruised and stiched up and stuff but he was not a boob man and actually likes the smaller size better all men are different but a

Katie :)

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