thinking about it but have questions

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thinking about it but have questions
Thu, 03-05-2009 - 8:52pm

First, don't be alarmed by my username- it's from an earlier time in my life, when ivillage helped me a lot. Now it's goodtimes, but anyway...I have questions for those of you who have had BR. I am 32 and have thought about this surgery since I was 18. I am a 34H and am of average weight and height. I do not have back pain, but I do have deep grooves in my shoulders, constant irritation under my breasts, and the feeling of the WEIGHT hanging off me is getting to be unbearable. There is no such thing as a bra that does not hurt when you are this size! I can't run without pain in my shoulder, and I like working out and physical activity. SO I want this for all the reasons many of you did. My boyfriend (who seems to think that we will be married, and he may be right eventually) says to wait until after we have kids to have surgery. I don't know why he says this because as far as I can tell he hasn't done any research on breastfeeding and BR. At any rate, I have no guarantee that I will marry him, and though I think I want kids, it may be 3 years til I start a family IF AT ALL (it might not happen, right?) So my questions are:

1) have any of you had surgery before you had children, and if so, were you able to breastfeed, was the Dr. able to determine whether you would or would not be able to.
2) if you had BR before children, did your breast size increase after pregnancy? If so did you go up a size, or did you go back to your original size? This concerns me a great deal.
3) How many of you have had hard recoveries? Regrets?
4) Does anyone know of a competent surgeon near Greensboro NC that they could recommend. If I am going to do this I want the best.

Any input is appreciated. This is such a hard decision, I feel I have put this surgery off for 15 years because of "what ifs" and I am at the point where I feel imprisoned by my large chest.

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Fri, 03-06-2009 - 5:00am

I am 1 week and 1 day post op and can only WISH that

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Fri, 03-06-2009 - 3:12pm

I had the surgery 19 months ago and do not regret a minute of it!! I thought about it for many years and always felt like it was a very selfish decision and was embarrassed by that. Well it is a selfish decision and very warranted!!!
I am 50, so already had my kids, but my niece had the surgery when she was 17 and was able to breast feed 2 kids when she was in her late 20's. She said they really didn't change size either. But it sounds to me like you are really ready for this surgery "for you"! Go for it!! I too hated that I could not do all the exercising I wanted without wearing a bra and super sport bra over top. Really embarrassing cause the things would still bounce and hurt. Now I can pop on a nice sport bra and I can do yoga and jog and aerobics and well, it is just great. I am no longer defined by my boobs, which was ok when I was younger but as they went south, so did my mood...
My pain following surgery was very minimal. I only took the prescription pain meds for 2 days then Tylenol for a few after that. As long as you don't over do it and rest the first couple of weeks, you will be good. Within a few weeks I was wearing pretty bras and tank tops, stuff I never wore before. My husband is thrilled with the new me and now says that more than a handful is a waste!! (Sorry, had to throw that in!)

Good luck with your decision! Keep us posted.