Surgery Scheduled!

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Surgery Scheduled!
Mon, 10-26-2009 - 5:10pm

After waiting several weeks, I finally got word today that my insurance company pre-approved my surgery! I'm scheduled for December 16th and I have a couple questions about the recovery period for those of you who have been through this.

First of all, here is my proposed schedule: Surgery on 12/16 and out of work through Christmas. The 4-day week after Christmas I plan to work from home (computer job) and then I'll return to my 45-minute commute to the office after New Year's weekend.

So for those of you who have been through it does that sound like a reasonable amount of time for recovery (assuming no crazy complications)? Any thoughts about how I'll feel on Christmas (9 days post-op)? Do you think I will still be bedridden or will I be up and about and able to participate in Christmas morning with my little ones (5 and 3 years old).

My loving, amazing, fabulous husband is a stay-at-home Dad so he will be around 24 x 7 for the kids and to help me recover. Any advice for him?

Thanks for anyone who responds!


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Mon, 10-26-2009 - 7:30pm
I think you will be able to enjoy Christmas activities as long as you don't over-do it. You will still tire easily but you shouldn't be bed-ridden. I had my surgery last week and the only day I was bed-ridden was the day of surgery. Then the next 2 days, I laid on the couch most of the time. On the 5th day, I was driving and shopping.Good luck and keep us posted.
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Tue, 10-27-2009 - 3:20pm

Yup, you should be good by Christmas. As long as you take it easy and listen to your body. I was never bed ridden either. I stayed in my recliner for the first couple of days when I was resting, but I would take little walks cause I tend to get restless. Just be careful with lifting the little ones that first month. I was feeling really great by the second week and had to remind myself it had only been the week before I had serious surgery. I wasn't on pain meds after the first couple days and then it was just Tylenol until I realized I didn't need anything by the end of the week. Good luck to you and keep us posted and ask lots of questions, it really helps to be prepared!! I found these boards about a month before surgery and found some great tips and great sisterhood!