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I am scheduled for my surgery next week and am a little nervous.

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Today has been 1 week since my surgery. I can only say that doing too much with your arms will cause you to be very sore. I would say to just take everything slow. Follow your PS instructions for exercising, and if its not comfortable for you- wait a bit longer! My PS has recommended 6-8 weeks recovery before exercising. I plan to start back at 6 weeks and see how it goes. Sorry I don't have more info for you.
Good luck with your surgery!


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Well by now you have had your surgery and I hope all went well. Let us know how it went and how you are making out with your recovery.

As far as exercising, my experience with this was 4 weeks to do my aerobics and 6 weeks before I could use my hand weights. I was walking the 3rd day, as I get antsy very easy. It also helped to get me out and about. Of course I wouldn't do long walks as you do use your arms, but short little strolls, also helped me relax and sleep alittle better. you do really have to be careful with the use of your arms. You can get sore and swollen pretty quick.

About scarring... when the doctor gives you the ok, you can start using lotions and massage the areas.