Breast Surgery Schedule what to expect?

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Breast Surgery Schedule what to expect?
Sun, 01-24-2010 - 12:36am

Hello everyone,

I am new on here and I have recently been approve for surgery on March 26. I am very excited and scared. I have a few question:

1. What will be discuss in the Pre-Op appointment?

2. How many weeks off from work will I need if I have a desk job?

3. What size, if any, would be for a large B or a small C?

4. Is it a size between a B and C

5.Would they increase if I get pregnant( I am currently 23 with no kids, just a husband)?

6. Would I need my husband to do anything?

Please inform with any information because it is needed. Also anymore information you think I would need. Thanks to all.

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Mon, 01-25-2010 - 12:06pm

March 26th will be here before you know it!! Very exciting! I will try to help you out with your questions from what I went through. I had surgery in Aug. 2007. 40DDD to 38C!! I was 49 at the time. Thrilled is an understatement!!!

At my pre-op mtg with my PS, first he took pictures of my "beasts" and then he showed me exactly how he would make the incisions, how much would be taken out, my recovery time, what I should have to wear after surgery, what to expect size wise afterwards, about the drains that he will put in to drain excess fluids, how some of the tissue is sent out for biopsy for cancer cells (none!) what kind of sutures, etc. If he doesn't discuss all this, ask!
I work in an office and went back after a week, 1/2 days. I was ok, but could not do filing, lifting and even typing on computer and writing, bothered me. It is all arm movements and you have to really limit this the first couple weeks. It can cause swelling and more soreness. I also felt this the first couple weeks of driving. All this you can do, just limit.
Not sure what you mean about the sizes.....
I have heard from many women that say they increase some or not at all and if they do, this goes back down after birth.
Your husband will need to lift anything heavy, even laundry baskets, trash, etc. Also reaching for things is not good. My husband, God bless him, had to empty my drain pouches the first 24 hours after I came home. He was so patient and sweet - saw a side of him I had forgotten about..(awwww) He might need to help you the first week to get in and out of chairs, etc, help with washing your hair. Anything where you need to lift your arms, or general arm usage.
Button down shirts, zip up hoodies are great to have on hand, as you won't really be able to lift your arms up for pullover t's, etc without help.
Your PS should tell you what to have on hand as far as a bra, for when you get your bandages off. I was told a Playtex 18 hour in a 42C for the first few weeks. The large band size is because of the swelling. Swelling can take a good month to go down and more or less depending on if you over do it.
As I think of things or others, we will share!!!

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Mon, 01-25-2010 - 9:07pm
thank you so much