Cheaper Out of Pocket??

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Cheaper Out of Pocket??
Tue, 02-16-2010 - 12:57am

Hello Ladies. I am hoping that someone can help me out with my little situation here. I have been wanting a BR since giving birth a year ago. I finally was able to get on a new insurance plan -Blue Care Network- and got excited. Then I contacted the PS that I am pretty confident I want to go with, and the office manager I spoke with told me that If my insurance policy did not cover BR at least 70-80% then it would not be worth it, and would be cheaper to pay out of pocket. She said that the five hospitals that they work out of all hike up the price if insurance is paying and it would end up being 10 or 11 thousand, and out of pocket it is 9 thousand (at a low economy discount! So after that I prayed I had the 80% but turns out, insurance only covers 50%. This means I need to pay out of pocket or risk paying even more than that.

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I am not sure how much I can help with your questions. I was extremely lucky to have my surgery 100% covered. I never even received any info or paper work afterwards from dr. or hospital so I don't even know how much it cost. I dare not ask as I would hate to bring up anything. I just know that I am so thrilled with my results and how it has made my life so much better, that I would have come up with the money somehow to have it.

I got my gyn dr. to write a wonderful letter to the insurance company as she had noted over the years the problems I was having with my large breasts. Also if you see a chiropractor for back/neck issues from this, a letter from him would be good too. Any support like this is a good thing to have. Also the PS took pictures and wrote his own great letter to them. All this helped me get approved in 2-3 weeks.

Good luck and keep us posted!!


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