How to pick a PS?

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How to pick a PS?
Fri, 03-12-2010 - 9:56am
Just wondering how those of you who have had a BR went about selecting a plastic surgeon for your surgery?
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Fri, 03-12-2010 - 11:42am

Hi! Welcome and I hope I can answer some of your questions.

I got the name of my PS from a couple of people I knew; one who had breast cancer and reconstruction surgery and the other who had a BR. So maybe check around with your local hospital, doctors offices to see if they can help. Also you can check on some of them on the internet and schedule a consultation. This way you can see if they would be a fit for you or not. My PS did not show me pictures of his surgeries, but went into great depth of how it was performed and what I should expect. He was pretty much right on target with everything; healing, scars, numbness, and the size was exactly what he predicted. I went from a 40DDD to a 38C. The scars are mostly hidden under your breasts and the ones for the nipple grafts are barely visible. Of course they are scars and you can see them and feel them, but they are pretty well faded and honestly, for how amazing I feel and look, they are small detail. I can now exercise freely, run, wear pretty bras, clothes fit nicer, shirt buttons don't pop open. No more neck pain...I could go on and on. I am so happy I had this done. My husband supported me 100% and loves the new girls and now says more than a handful is a waste! LOL! I will have to say that although I have sensation in my nipples, it is not as powerful as before the surgery. I do miss that a little, but like I said earlier, small detail.
You would be smart to wait a bit to have the surgery if you have a little one. You really have to be careful the first month of lifting anything heavy and over using your arms. This delays healing and can possibly cause complications. Also the swelling will stick around the more you use your arms.
When I went back for my 6 month checkup, the PS showed me my before pictures and I wanted to cry. I had forgotten how huge and ugly they were before surgery. I had the surgery in Aug. 08 and still marvel at them every morning in the mirror. They are still perky and round and for 51, I feel blessed to have them!!
Good luck in your journey. Feel free to keep asking questions!!! This board was a great source of information for me, before, during and after!!


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