No drainage tubes?

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No drainage tubes?
Thu, 08-05-2010 - 10:05am

Hi All!
I am about 4 weeks out from my surgery. I have been reading this board for a couple of weeks to get some tips & such. I decided to post today because I wanted to see if any one here did not have drainage tubes afterwards & how that went if you didn't. My doctor doesn't use them, but it seems that a lot do. I chose my doctor because he is the highest rated ps in my area/state & I feel very confident in him. I'm just wondering how it goes without the tubes.


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Fri, 08-27-2010 - 9:24am
I did not have any tubes with my surgery....things went really well and I was able to return to work after only 7 days. I did not have any issues at all. I was worried about not having any since a lot of the other people posted they had them, but everything was great without them!!!
Good Luck!