Monday Check-In!

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Monday Check-In!
Mon, 04-07-2003 - 9:47am
How is the week going? Stop in and share your progress and struggles. Also share how you are adjusting to the new board. I'm a little worried because board traffic has slowed down. This is still the same great community, we've just had a little remodeling. Chime in folks! We care about you!



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Mon, 04-07-2003 - 10:28am
The waiting game is the WORST!

I'm waiting for an inheritance check for $10k. I'm going to pay off my credit cards with it.

I'm waiting for my security deposit back from my landlord for $800. I need it to pay for the dance weekend I just had.

So meanwhile, I'm waiting impatiently while each month my credit card balances go down just a couple of hundred dollars. I know I've made great headway, going from $24k to $10k in credit card debt. I'll try to focus on the positive.

Looking forward to the week, I'm going to do a small food shop tonight, after looking through the circulars and gathering recipes for a menu plan. I shouldn't need to spend any other money, since there's none left in my budget.

One thing I am planning on doing (decided yesterday) is resume lessons with my former dance coach, hopefully. That's an extra $85/week, but I'll find the money somewhere.

I'm going to focus on work at work, and cleaning at home, to keep myself occupied, and help the waiting be a little less stressful.

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Mon, 04-07-2003 - 10:35am
Hello! Back from Palm Springs and spent way too much! It was beautiful and I wish I had more time to enjoy it, but it was a work related trip. Now I have to figured out the $$ damages.

i must say that this board is quite difficult to catch up on when you are gone for a week. I like this board and love the advise so I hope folks stay around, but I must admit that I have dropped from several others because it is just too difficult to try and keep up with this new format. I really dislike it!

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Mon, 04-07-2003 - 10:47am
We're doing pretty well. We're still on target to be debt-free by early fall.

We're down to $6700 or so!

But I'm also getting uneasy with some of our spending. We spent all winter living

pretty frugally. It's getting harder for some reason. I don't know if we're just

sick of it or if the weather is making us ansy.

But our spending has been off-set with some overtime, so things are still on

track. Now if I could just convince my husband to stay off of Ebay.

Why does Ebay make you think you NEED junk? I hate it. I sell our junk and

he buys someone else's. He doesn't buy a lot but sometimes I just want to say "NO!".

I'm guilty of buying things too so I can't be too judgemental.

But it's easy to forget that piddling money away

is how we got in this mess to begin with!

Regarding the new board, I still don't like it. It's not as cheery or welcoming.

I used to come to ivillage first thing every morning. I still try to check in

but it's not my favorite website anymore. It's just too hard to get around and I feel

like the messages are hidden or something. I know we're stuck with it...

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Mon, 04-07-2003 - 11:19am
Doing okay, but feeling deadly tired this morning. That time change thing did me in. And I didn't even realize it until my ex told me on the phone. DUH!!!

I didn't spend one red cent this weekend. Saturday was a storm so we stayed in and Sunday, we just stayed in. LOL Mind you, I only have $25 to last me until Wed. morning (payday) so I didn't have much to spend anyway.

I did tell my daughter that we are going to have to be extra careful about what we buy because I owe a lot of money and if we want to go on vacation this summer we can't waste it. She seemed to get it, but she's only 7.5 and still thinks credit cards equals free money. I got a new credit card in the mail and I am going to close that account (its empty) and my DD wanted to play with the card. She scrateched the signing strip off the back. So when my ex (her father) came over yesterday to visit her, he saw the card being used as a bookmark. And she proceeds to tell him and Mommy doesn't want any more credit cards, blah blah blah. ACK!!! I am sitting in the basement sewing trying to use mind control to tell her to be quiet. LOL She didn't really tell him anything, but I really don't want him to know my financial business. I know that is why I have to be careful what I tell her because in all innocence it all comes out to other people.

I am STILL waiting for my tax refund. I hope it comes soon because after I pay two cc payments, my leftover rent and car payment out of this paycheck there won't be much left. Oh well, hopefully after this payperiod things will settle down.



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Mon, 04-07-2003 - 11:20am
Waiting, waiting, waiting!!!! for our income tax checks. Consolidating our ccs into one was the best I did. It makes it easier to budget and keeping track on the debt decreasing.

Not hating my H so much. Reason mentioned in my post "He finally admitted it"

Although, he got paid friday, we are broke for another two weeks. The first paycheck of the month, is difficult. We have to pay rent. That takes a big chunk of the paycheck.

I like the new format. I guess I've gotten used to it.


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Mon, 04-07-2003 - 11:40am
Here is my first Monday check-in. Since I just joined I don't have much to report. My situation is DH and I have 21,000 in cc's and about 10,000 in student loans. The loans I am no that worried about, the cc have me frightened. I am calling my bank today to see about consolidation. I can pay my monthly bills, but just barely...

I am going to do the snowflaking, I turned all my change in and got $54! So that is going to one of the big cards in tomorrow's mail. You are all very nice here and I am glad there is a place I can confess to, learn from, and hopefully soon report my successes to.

Thank you all,


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Mon, 04-07-2003 - 12:06pm
I am waiting for my bank that I have a current credit on to approve a credit increase to put more on my other no good credit cards. This credit card still has 0% unti lAugust so I can save lots of interest by adding more to it. I am paying off more than $500 a month on it so it'll be very good for me. The waiting game is what kills me. I am doing ver good otherwise. I'll let you know what happens.

Andi D.

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Mon, 04-07-2003 - 12:50pm
Happy Monday, not sure how I feel about things yet. Money is so awful right now, got rid of cable today, went form all regular channels to just 3-20, this is going to be awful for the kids....yikes, oh and me dealing with the kids. I also just started a new job, this past weekend was weekend two, feeling good about this job. Since I'm a SAHM find it hard to find jobs that I can do and I don't want to pay daycare, it's way to much for two children, not worth me going to work.

I really don't care for these boards, hopefully will get them figured out?!

Hope all is well with everyone!


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Mon, 04-07-2003 - 2:54pm
I've been keeping my nose to the grindstone at work for the past few weeks -- projects have been piling up on my desk lately. It's not necessarily a bad thing, though, as it keeps my attention diverted from shopping and spending. I think my spending pullback also reflects my preoccupation with the war (watching a lot of tv at night and on weekends): the plastic in my wallet hasn't seen the light of day for several weeks.

I can't say that I've warmed to this new format: it seems a bit institutional. It feels like I'm reading and/or filling out an application. I know the community is what matters, but the delivery system takes some adjusting to.

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Mon, 04-07-2003 - 5:24pm
Well, I'm not really unhappy, I couldn't find an icon that fits. I had a wonderful weekend with the family. We spent time together, unfortunately we spent about YIKES $762 on clothes and stuff for the house. (I thought it was closer to $600) I am sure I snowflaked some before the spending spree, I can't remember the exact amount. I am going to sit down tonight and recalculate our finances. We HAVE to get our spending under control. I find that when I go shopping by myself, I do not spend nearly as much as when DH or DD go with me. I tend to second guess (do I need or want this) where as they cheer on "Buy it, buy it" I think I will leave them home from now on. hahaha

Hope everyone has a great week!!