5/12-Check In! How's Everyone Doing?

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5/12-Check In! How's Everyone Doing?
Mon, 05-12-2003 - 11:00am
It's that time of the week again when we check in and post one another on our progress and stuggles!



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Mon, 05-12-2003 - 11:49am
Hello, I'm new here, I love this idea!

Well this week was debt free, and in fact I came up with two frugal solutions that I'm pretty proud of. DD broke a training wheel on her bike. DH kept saying he would go buy her new ones. Well the thought of messing up my budget to try to fit in $10 or whatever for training wheels really bothered me so I kept telling myself to try to follow that mantra of "shop at home first"! Went down to the basement and spied the old umbrella stroller hanging up that hasn't been used since last Fall. Asked hubby if he could manage to take two wheels off it and make them into training wheels, and he could! Voila, new FREE training wheels.

Also, my little DD has been asking for a basket for her bike. As I was cleaning up the yard and about to throw out a broken plastic kids shopping cart, I took a look at it and saw that the basket part just clipped into a frame. Undid it, threw away the frame, went downstairs and got two of those plastic tie clamp thingies, and voila, new basket for the bike. Fits well and she loves it.

Maybe not great accomplishments, but the first time I've tried to shop at home first rather than saying 'yah lets go buy that'. Saved probably $15 or $20

Feels good!


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Mon, 05-12-2003 - 12:00pm
OH! Also shopped around for house insurance this week. Between raising my deductible to $1000 from $500 (saves 12% of the premium here) and switching to another company I've reduced the insurance bill from $347 to $268! Plus, I had most of this amount already saved in a freedom fund, and come to find that the new company offers monthly billing interest free, so opted to go that route, and used my saved cash to pay off the balance of the huge March oil bill that was hanging over my head.

Also went to Walmart with a list of two items, and left with the two items! Gotta admit I drooled over patio lanterns that weren't on my list, but I only had a set amount of cash and had to stick to my list! Took DD(4) with me 'cuz she wanted to spend her $2 on craft supplies, we we checked at walmart for stuff and she fell in love with an unfinished wooden birdhouse for $2. She wanted to buy it then and there and I insisted that we should check at the dollar store first. Went to dollar store and birdhouses were $1, so she got a birdhouse and something else for her $2. Hopefully the start for her of learning to comparison shop!

It's been a good week!


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Mon, 05-12-2003 - 1:30pm
So far ups and downs (and it's only Monday). had 2 checks NSF b/c I wrote them befor the came in and the money got lost in the mail. $85 in fees, ouch painful lesson. But lesson learned (again).

DH and I went grocery shopping and agreed to stick to just a list. I actually sat down and wrote down a meal plan for the week. DH was distracted with the hot dogs, but I reminded him, not on the the list = not buying. He relented and we actually made it out with the list and UNDER budget. I felt so good. (it was a wild and crazy night at the Boyd house!! ha/ha)

Sat down this morning and looked at our finances for the month (esp after the $85 lesson) and with everything predicted to come in and out, we should be ok. Not much cushion room, but everybody will be paid this month. Yippee!!
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Mon, 05-12-2003 - 2:00pm
Busy, busy, busy! Lots of work related travel and this week I have a working group at work so although I'm at work, I'm not. It will be an expensive week, as evening entertainment will be in order. Thank god everyone leaves on Thursday!

We have been working hard on our budget - spending only so much and on Friday we had around $60 stashed away. We decided to splurge and DH took the kids to the movies.

I've read with interest folks discussions on not focusing so much on your debt and all - I have to admit that I think I somewhat agree. All my cc are on 0% so why am I slaving away. I think I will change my focus and still pay more than minimum and try and throw extra $$ into our savings - that way when I want to splurge, we will have the $$.

Well I'm rambling now....things are quite hectic and hopefully after next week (I'll be in San Diego) things will calm down and I can post regularly again!

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Mon, 05-12-2003 - 2:41pm
The good - Saturday night dinner out with kids, husband, parents for our Mother's Day treat. No cooking, no clean up, and someone to wait on us. Cost of dinner for 8 was covered by the budget.

The bad - DH got a speeding ticket Saturday night on our way to get MIL before dinner. Now a fine and finding time to take a defensive driving course.


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Mon, 05-12-2003 - 2:52pm
Doing ok.....

On Mother's Day spent $$$$$. However, it was within our budget. We took out my mother as well.

State income tax check arrived Saturday. Will save some for our weekend trip starting this Thursday. We are going to the New Jersey Shores. I'm happy that we have the cash. Hotel is free. My h and I own a timeshare. (We bought it when we first got married.)

I'll keep you gals posted.


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Mon, 05-12-2003 - 6:51pm
Sorry about *no hat*..just wanted to post this real quick then need to get dinner.

On the financial front same as always, However, DH *just* got 2 calls today for interviews!!!!! Yippee!!!! He's going on 2 interviews this week and it's the last week of classes for him to get his Real Estate Licenses (he's going to get his license no matter what happens with the interviews).

He's on cloud 9 for tonight...hard to believe after hearing NOTHING he got 2 in one week.


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Mon, 05-12-2003 - 7:11pm
This week was a good one. I didn't spend more than I had budgeted at the Spring Fling at school. I have been avoiding balancing my checkbook because I know all of my checks haven't cleared and I really don't have as much $$ as the amount printed on my ATM receipt. LOL Payday is Friday~ Yeah....Hope everyone has a great week!


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Mon, 05-12-2003 - 10:02pm
I posted above but I'll put it here too. I had just recently clean-slated my "D" card by xferring most to "C" card and paying the rest off. So on "C" card I had about $2000 at 5% plus 1500 at 12.5%. ($3500 total for the non-math-majors LOL) Tonight I xferred $3300 (the most they would allow) BACK to "D" card at 1.9% for 6 months. This leaves about 200 on the "C" card at 12.5% that I should be able to pay within the coming month. Then in November when 1.9% on "D" expires, I'll hopefully get another good deal from "C". Note, I am NOT making any new purchases - I cut up "C" card when I maxed it out with the xfer, and "D" card is in the freezer. Now that it's maxed, I may as well cut that up too. They'll both be sending new cards this summer to replace the old ones anyway.

Meanwhile with cc at 1.9%, more money can go toward ING savings (establishing emergency fund) at 2-point-some%.

Woohoo! ~Jen

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Tue, 05-13-2003 - 9:26am
I'm going pretty good right now. I took some advice from the budget tips and ideas, and have 'kept myself poor'. So far this month I've paid bills as soon as I get them. That way my bank balance doesn't show an inflated amount, and I know exactly what I really have. I also went to the library and took out some books on personal finance.

I just remembered that my final gas bill from my old apartment should be showing up any day now, and it'll probably take up every last penny from my checking account. Oh well, at least it will be paid.

Some bad news is, someone else has mucked up my inheritance now. I'm not sure exactly what this person wants an appearance for. I'm not even counting on that money anymore.

The really good news is, DF is watching how I'm paying attention to my finances, and paying off debt, and making my money work for me in my 401(k)s. He's figured if he refinances the house, he'll save $1000/month! He usually talks about something three or four times before he does it, and this is the first time he's mentioned it seriously, so it may be a while before it actually happens ;-)

My hand mixer broke last night, and he said he'll get me one from Williams-we'll-gladly-take-your-money-Sonoma. I told him to get me one from Walmart for $7.99. He started 'discussing' it with me, but I brought the discussion to a halt when I said, "You can get me WHATEVER YOU WANT from Williams Sonoma as soon as your debt is paid off"! Well, he didn't like THAT rule, because he added up his debt this weekend, and it's $27K, not counting vehicle loans or mortgage. That may sound high to some people, but two years ago my own debt was $24K, and now it's $13K. So, we're both working on paying down our debt. Luckily, we both seem to have gotten the bulk of our compulsive spending overwith (he's got a car, a truck, and a motorcycle, and I have three closets filled with clothes) until we start looking for furniture, at least.

So, I'm flat broke, but at least I'm not behind.

Have a great debt-free week everyone!

Lee Ann