6/9 Weekly Check-in

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6/9 Weekly Check-in
Mon, 06-09-2003 - 9:22am
Let us know how the past week went for you, the good, the bad & the ugly. LOL!!



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Mon, 06-09-2003 - 9:57am
Oh let's see how to describe this week....EXPENSIVE!! I just have such blah feelings on all of what is going on. Just seems like we are putting out TONS of money and I'm not sure we will re-coop it or not.

First off had to go get a cell phone for DH - UGH...got a plan and the phone, etc... so that is a new monthly bill we have but for Real Estate, I can't imagine how you can function without one in this day & age in that line of business. :(

Then we moved our 3 year old into a Big Bed and had to go buy a mattress pad, sheets, pillow, etc... for it. Along with I couldn't take it anymore and broke down to buy a new purse (My old one had broken a long time ago and I just couldn't deal with it anymore). So, anyway, ended up charging about $80 worth of stuff. OUCH! (The transition went smoothly so far from being out of his crib by the way, so that is really nice).

We have now decided that I just can NOT iron! ROFLMBO!! DH had bought some 100% cotton shirts and I've ironed them like 3 times and they still look awful. So, we are going to break down and take them to the cleaners where they can press them and make them look sharp as right now they look sloppy and don't give off the professional image he will need (anyone know if I can write the cleaning off as a business expense?). I've never used a cleaner before but if I recall shirts are pretty cheap to have them do.

Just seems like we are spending tons of money this past week as if it was water or something. I know most of them were necessary expenses but with no income just outgoing it's still like working with a house of cards and I'm waiting for it to crash. Although, we are getting a free family sized blow up pool which we needed one for the kids and a roll-top desk that DH wants. :)

I guess that sums up my week. Putting us more in debt with the hopes of making more income (not sure that makes sense but...).


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Mon, 06-09-2003 - 10:28am
Outstanding. That's how it went! Armed with the 'New Plan', I felt more in control than I have since April. We paid one bill off, and 1/3 of another. I also called the medical clinic to find out what the exact balance was (I Knew we'd missed a couple of co-pays in there somewhere)only to find out we still had a credit balance, and therefore, not only did we NOT owe any money, we still have $35 to use up before we have to start paying copays again! YAY. I'd already written out the check to pay this bill, so I voided that and used the money to snowflake on one of the credit cards. So, I have been on a good roll lately.

Another thing I'm finding is that because I am determined to see this through, I'm turning it more into a 'game', and having fun with it all. We've been trying to see how we can NOT go to the store, spend money, etc. And when one of us falters a bit, the other can pick up the slack. Maybe it's just because it's summer, and sunny and warm, but I feel very hope-full that we're on the right track. *AND* it feels great to be paying bills OFF again, instead of 'ignoring' them.

I enjoyed Sandra's post about being accountable-and I think the Monday check-in is a great tool for that. I know that when I was not posting, I didn't have the accountability to anyone that is so helpful to keep me on track.


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Mon, 06-09-2003 - 10:48am
I had a fun week actually. I went to the pharmacy, armed with my *correct* insurance card, and was able to recoop about $95 that I was overcharged for my allergy meds (I had given the pharmacy an expired ins card when I went to pick up the meds originally). I was sooo excited about that!

I applied for another job. Though I've not heard back. I honestly think I would like working at Lowes or Home Depot - maybe I should go get an application today! I haven't worked with the public in a looooong time, but I'm ready for a job that's different and that deep down I don't care so much about.

We've been working on little home improvement projects - should have our new mantel up next week - I really had hoped to get it up this weekend, but if it's one thing I've learned after several home projects, dh gets *nothing* done in just a weekend. Everthing takes twice as long as I expect it will. I'm just afraid that if I adjust my expectations to be twice as long...then things will take *even longer*!!

We're off to Portland on Thursday to look at real estate. We're not entirely convinced we can afford to move at this point, even for a cheaper mortgage, but if we find a "wow" house and financing that we're happy with, it is still possible. Our home has appreciated quite a bit in the year we've been in it - CA real estate is insane, that's for sure.

Hope everyone has a great week!


All my best,

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Mon, 06-09-2003 - 11:11am
It was a very good week. We managed to pay ds' orthodontist bill and as of today all the bills are paid except for 2 auto withdrawls and a credit card that bill will be paid on Friday and it is only June 9th! Plus, I have another paycheck this month and Dh has both of his and our rental property check has not yet been deposited. I'm hoping for a huge blizzard on Friday!

So now all I need to do is convince DH that we can wait on that riding lawn mower a little longer. I have already made him wait over a year - but with almost an acre of land it is a purchase that is very much needed. Especially now that DH is working so much overtime, I have been the one mowing!

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Mon, 06-09-2003 - 1:33pm
Pretty good week. Our dental insurance covered more of DH's wisdom tooth extractions than his oral surgeon estimated, so we received a $77 check for the overpayment. It went straight to the cc's.

Our dining out had gotten out of control in April and May, and we made a renewed commitment to eat at home more. DH even agreed to try to brown bag his lunch. (This was something he has always been reluctant to do. After I showed him how much money we would save in a year with him just taking lunch one day a week ($250!), he decided to try taking it at least 4 days a week. (I'll give him the one day a week to eat out so he doesn't feel deprived). Our grocery bill will go up a little bit, but it's nothing compared to what we were spending on dining out between his lunches and our weekends.

Payday's coming up on Friday. I'll have an extra week's pay on it, and I should be able to pay off my target card ($248) plus the $150 on my cash reserve credit line.


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Mon, 06-09-2003 - 1:57pm
This past week was expensive...SO and I had to go to a family event which reqired a gift and food and a 100+ mile drive to the family home.....We have been doing this every month for the past 4 months, but I think we're in the clear now until Thanksgiving, maybe. So money I would have liked to keep for myself went on these other things, BUT I PAID CASH!

I am searching for a job now, and I have made a few contacts, but I haven't really gotten the ball rolling yet. I will be REALLY focusing on it starting tomorrow (out to doctor appointments this afternoon)....I am finally ready to look.....finally......I still have time, so I am not panicking............YET.................ugh...........

I have been snowflaking, and I can see my balance going down on the credit card even if it is still a small amount.

I came up with a plan for controlling my spending for this month.....I am NOT buying any health and beauty products this month (I just LOVE trying new ones). I knocked over a bottle of mouthwash from the countertop in the bathroom, and there was this dominioes affect of all these bottles of lotions and makeup......oh, I have toooooooo much!!!!! So, I am not buying any....will try to use up what I have...but I'm making it a one month plan to see how it goes..........I ran out of mouthwash, however, so I had to buy a new one.......that doesn't count!


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Mon, 06-09-2003 - 3:12pm
Hoo-whee! It was a hot week. Temps up in the 90's Friday and Saturday! I got ambitious Saturday and kind of overdid it, with the yard work and then a trip to Home Depot to do some scoping for my kitchen painting project. I picked out colours but their paint is too expensive for my taste so I'm going to look at Sears or even Wal-Mart. It'll be hard not to go into debt on this project, though. For one thing, we need to do some minor repairs before we get started: replace the lathe-&-plaster with wallboard on one wall; repair some cracks in the back door and get a new cat door; etc. One good thing is we have tiles to make an attractive backsplash for the kitchen sink; all we will need to get for that is tile backing & grout. And a friend of ours has some supplies leftover from a recent painting project.

I also took a look at some cupboards, a range hood, and a new faucet for the kitchen sink but, ooh, I know I'm not going to have enough money on hand for the extras! It'll be great if I squeak out enough for the paint, etc., without charging!

I had such a fantastic dream the other night: it was payday at work, and then the CEO said he wanted to see me. He had that" smile on his face, the one that tells me it's something good--and sure enough, he asked me if I could use some extra money and I said "Yeah--I'm painting my kitchen!" Then he handed me a HUGE bonus check! If only THAT dream would come true!!

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Mon, 06-09-2003 - 10:33pm
we transferred our $30k cc debt from a 3.9%interest cc to a 0% interest cc until august 2004. i'm feeling positive that we can pay it by august 2004.

my h wants to go on a 2 week vacation to puerto rico w/the twins in september. i know he's working hard and needs a break. however, i'm thinking that's money we can put toward our debt. we're trying to budget for it now. we still have a few months. will probably mean that i'll be snowflaking toward our vacation instead of our cc debt.

we also have a wedding to go to in september. in fact, my husband is the best man. it's his best friend who is finally tying the knot. we're also budgeting for that. not only do we have to give the bride and groom a present, my husband has to host the bachelor party and pay for his tux. since, i know the bride, i'll have to attend the bridal shower. i'll also need a nice, sexy outfit for the wedding. the kids will need nice clothes too. boy, looks like september will be our spending month.


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Tue, 06-10-2003 - 12:34pm
I posted this on Sunday under a separate thread, but it is really my weekly check-in and I want to get back into the monday check-ins since I haven't been doing that for months. I think it will help me out. So here's my update.

I've sort of been MIA for the last week. I worked this past week and half the one before it as reception at a radio station. I had a blast. I was *just* the receptionist but everyone was soo nice and it was a fun environment. Plus I got some free stuff too. A free nice shirt, free slurpee, offer of free tour of the studio (my brother's birthday is next Sat. and I KNOW he will love that), plus the girl I worked with/for in promotions gave me 4 free cds-I for me and three for my brother's birthday. I helped her as much as I could, but that was my job, so I think she was very kind. Plus I got two free tickets to a silent auction that was last night.

Anyway, on Wednesday sometime during the day, one of my budgies died. My bf found him when he got home from work. He was already dead, just went down to the bottom of the cage and died. He was FINE the night before and in the morning when I left for work. He was the first budgie we got, completely out of the blue at the beginning of October 99. I'd never been allowed to have a budgie as a kid, and my bf hasn't had a pet since he was three and they had to have the family cat put to sleep because she was very old and because doctors finally realized bf was allergic...so we spent the rest of the week very deep in grief and also trying to make it through two long busy days at work. We mostly ate out or didn't eat since we couldn't function very well. I'm getting used to it without him. We still have four budgies, but the guy who died was extremely special. He sang every morning without fail, and none of the others do.

So my radio station gig is over, but they did ask for my resume...one girl got fired at the start of my second week, and one girl is very close to maternity leave, and who knows? It's a nice environment. Also on Friday the temp agency called me and they want me to be one of three people to interview for a temp-to-perm job as an admin assistant...I'm going to go for it because if it pays what she said on Friday, I could likely pay my 13,000 of debt in a year. So that is very hopeful.

I have got things so that my bf is paid off. Credit cards are pretty straight but I still want to get a few clothes. Going to have to force myself to wait on that. I have to figure out car insurance $ in the next week. Also nervous about having less money in savings and no work for this week yet. Am planning to travel home next weekend partly for my brother's birthday and partly because I am going to bury Lucky (our budgie) at my mum's house. She has agreed and we will choose a special tree to put with him. I'm trying to choose between a magnolia and a Japanese maple that turns colours in October in celebration of the time of year that I got him. So the trip will cost $ too. I think I have enough in savings and should get enough work that I can pay for it all without having to pay interest charges. Hopefully. I just have to be really restrained with everything now.

Anyway, after Wednesday through saturday being very deep in grief, we decided to go to the silent auction that I got the free tickets for. I already knew what a number of the items were. I had a blast bidding on things all night. My bf took one look and said "you're never going to the casino" giggle. Anyway, I was bidding on about 15 different things, but smartened up when the prices went higher than what I wanted to pay for things. What I did wind up with were the two things I really wanted, and I only got them by being at the tables in the last minute of bidding. I got a three month membership to a women's only gym for $60 (three months at the YMCA is $167) and I have been putting off a gym membership for a long time to try to concentrate on debt. I also got a gift certificate for a full set of acrylic nails and a deluxe pedicure and gift basket for $75. Yes, I could live without all that very well, but I had a very fun time, got out of the house, and got past some of the grief about the bird dying. Plus, the whole point of the silent auction is to raise money to send disabled kids to summer camp. I've wanted acrylic nails for years, and the only way I would spend the money on them is in this way, where I know they have been donated and the money I paid is going to a good cause charity. I didn't have to spend the money, but it was fun and I am just really cognisant of the fact that I need to adjust other spending to account for it. It was really funny, at one point a woman who had been bidding against me for the nails/pedicure said "you must be Rebecca...I notice you are bidding on all the pampering items"--guilty as charged.

Oh, on another note, we have decided not to try to move apartments now (as we were so determined to do right before Lucky died) because I can't bear the thought of moving away from the only place that has memories of Lucky, when I know that he won't be coming with us. So that will save us a lot of money too.

Thanks for listening and being here for support. I'm still struggling, but getting closer to being out of debt. Slower than I could be but I don't regret any of my choices at the moment.

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Tue, 06-10-2003 - 1:57pm
Wow, Bridget. When I read your post, I thought I had already posted. LOL It must have been something to do with the moon. LOL

Anyways, DH and I had come to the realization that we too had been eating out too much. So I went to the grocery store (by myself; we always spend at least $200 if he tags along) and I bought stuff to make our lunches this week. Even though I was tired, I did come home and make dinner Sunday night. So it's now Tuesday and DH has taken his lunch both days. Yippee!

This Friday is payday for me too. I won't have much to snowflake after making the car payment. Hopefully DH will close a loan (he is a mortgage loan officer) and we won't have to dip into his tax savings to pay bills.

We are gearing up to go on vacation July 6th. I can't wait....

That's all for me, this week.