Hello...another newbie here!

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Hello...another newbie here!
Fri, 03-21-2008 - 8:54am

Hi everyone! I have been reading the boards in the debt support group for about a month, but have not been brave enough to post my financial situation!
My DH and I took the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class at our church last summer and so far have paid off $13,000 of our massive $59,000 debt (not including mortgage) and waiting on our tax return to pay off another $5500. We were in a bad situation and headed for disaster and now are trying to dig our way out! It is going to take a while and is starting to get somewhat depressing, so reading the posts here has helped me to stay focused:)
My DH is not a money person, so sometimes I feel like I'm in this by myself.
I have been snowflaking every month and seeing some progress, which does feel great!

I would like to join the snowflake challenge, how do I do that?

Thanks everyone and have a great Friday!

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Fri, 03-21-2008 - 9:35am