Update and thank you!

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Update and thank you!
Fri, 03-21-2008 - 1:24pm

Thank you everyone for all of your amazing advice.

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Sun, 03-23-2008 - 5:43pm

Those numbers look so much better than your original ones, Sally!!

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Sun, 03-23-2008 - 9:37pm
Good luck!
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Mon, 03-24-2008 - 1:00pm

Sally, those numbers do look so much better.

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Tue, 03-25-2008 - 11:54pm

Sally -

Are you a member of a credit union, or can join one? They have the best auto rates for cars and love to refinance vehicles. You might not need to make it that long of a period of time, but even so you ca still save money with a good interest rate.

I helped a number of members to join and save money with a car loan. They just require you to have the 'joining fee' of putting a certain amount of money in savings, usually very minimum and if you have anotehr service with them ie, a loan then there are no fees for the savings account. The good news is after the loan is paid off you can take the money out of savings and haven't lost anything.


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Sat, 04-05-2008 - 12:51pm

I know you posted this a long time ago. But I was just watching the TV and there was this program on about selling your house. Seems and I know this to be kinda true in my case a year ago when we had our old place up for sale the new buyers are nuts.

According to the man on TV, they are saying that it takes a good two months if not more to get your house in order to put it on the market. You need to box up tons of stuff and take down all personal stuff and make the house look as empty as you can. Even to the point of taking a bunch of stuff out of your closets and pantries.

Just giving you a hands up. Oh another thing when you box up the stuff you need to put it someplace in the house or the garage where people don't really see it. Silly right but they were saying this is the thing to do to get a buyer and top dollar.

Maybe it would be a good idea for you to watch a few of the staging shows on TV before you list your house.

Buyers now a days are really fruit cakes.

Mary Ann