What Do We Do?

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What Do We Do?
Sun, 02-21-2010 - 3:38pm

Hello Everyone.

I need help! My husband has a few things on his credit report that we are trying to fix. He disputed certain items only to be told that he does supposedly owe the money. He wrote and/or called each of the debt collectors that appear in hopes of finding out exactly what was owed and to get an itemized list of what the debts were for. Two of the debts are from universities that he attended and one is from a phone company.

After numerous calls and a letter or two, he still has not received anything back explaining what the debts are for. He has gotten letters basically saying, "you owe this amount and to pay it". He never received any bills prior to this, but only found out about the debts after checking his credit reports and he took it upon himself to reach out to the debt collectors to find out what/why he owes the money so that we can try to get it taken care of. Obviously, the debt collectors aren't helping us with this and we are NOT about to write out checks for things we are not even sure that we owe. We just want information about what/when the debts are from! If we truly owe the money, shouldn't the phone company and universities be able to provide that information to us?

What else can we do?

Thanks so much!

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Mon, 02-22-2010 - 9:01am

Hi! I would post this question on the debt questions and answers board. They may have more information over there (I personally don't have a clue! Sorry I can't help more!)

Good luck!

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