The board really won't be that bad(m)

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The board really won't be that bad(m)
Fri, 03-28-2003 - 12:53am
I know it's hard and no one likes change but I really think the new board will grow on everyone. Here's a link for some info on the new board

I can also suggest 2 things if i can explain what i am talking about. U can go to the top about 2 lines under where it says 20ish parents and it says outline view-Click on that and i think u may like what u see better when u go there. Another thing i can add is say u have been going through messages and replys and u want to get back to the actual 20ish parents board there is a place up top of where u are that says u are here : click on 20ish parents and u will go back to actual board. Good luck everyone. I am trying to stay positve about these changes. I think i am really getting the hang of it now. Just really examine the pages u are on and u will see a lot of stuff to help out. Things are kinda hidden when u first start on the new pages. Mandy