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technical difficulties
Mon, 03-31-2003 - 11:07pm
Well, I just got a hold of a letter from a couple of 2 yrs ago from friends of mine in Yokohama, Japan. I didn't write them back because of the situation with my father(him disowning me and all...). They knew him, so of course, I felt very strange about replying at the time.

I found it the other day and I felt terribly that I never responded to these *very* nice, gracious people. I still have the set of hina-ningyo they gave me a long time back.

Anyhow, now I want to write to them (ignoring that whole thing with my dad). I'm trying to verify that their address is correct but I'm hard pressed to find a white pages or a people finder for Japan. I know they are in the Shin-Yokohama station area...or at least they were...I guess the best way is to buy the air mail stamp and see what happens.

Does anyone have any ideas?? I feel sooooo bad for not responding at the time I was just so emotional/embarassed that I really did some stupid things.


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Tue, 04-01-2003 - 12:41pm
Like you said, Charly, the best thing may be to just send them a letter & see what happens. You could say that you were having personal problems at the time you recieved the letter & then misplaced the letter. You could also say how bad you feel that you didn't respond & so on. If it comes back atleast you tried & can try maybe another route.