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Tue, 03-25-2003 - 8:42am
I think it could also be part of the disease we have. I get this with IBS. It's like mucous? Watery?slimy?Yucky?? I am trying to figure out how the boards work now. Since I was in the hospital. They screwed up my EDG and caused a lot of problems. Plus the crohn's raised it's ugly head and caused a lot of problems and I also had my knee operated on. All in all...I am a wreck!!hahahahahahaha!! At least I have some humor left. I feel like a damn pin cushion. Hopefully I will be in full swing again soon. I have a big intolerance to milk, and certain dariy products. WEird..., It truly looks like Celiac disease so we are trying the GF diet to see if I improve and I already have noticed that I feel lots better. Just figuring out what foods are right and what ones aren't will be the big job. Get to clean out the pantry when I can stand w/o crutches. I think I will have arms like Hulk!! Wow, do those muscles hurt! I am soooo out of shape. Hope you are feeling better!!



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Tue, 03-25-2003 - 8:05pm
Thanks Lynn,

I didn't know how to ask, I was rather embarrassed. I am confused by the changes too and I haven'g been out of it:). I hope that you are doing well.

I am thinking of at least switching to a new gastro Dr. I found out that a man at work was also recently diagnosed and his Dr is very involved. Sending him for all kinds of tests. I have not heard from mine since I was diagnosed in January. I have not idea what I expect from my dr right now. I am feeling better, but I still have some symptoms and I am not sure what is IBS and what isn't anymore. What do you do to keep your IBS under some control? My gastro originally said that it sounded like IBS until my bloodwork came back showing that I was anemic. That is when they did more tests and found the celiac.

Well I hope that you are feeling better.

Thanks again,