the sick stomach

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the sick stomach
Sat, 01-03-2009 - 5:24pm

Now, this isn't entirely about CD symptoms. Most of the advice works for the period between going on the diet and the time that

a) all gluten leaves your system (remember a healthy GI tract takes 24 hours to deal with a normal meal, at least, so it can take a while, especially if you had constipation)

b) the immune system realizes that the "attack" of gluten is over

c) the gut can heal.

During this time, worry about getting enough calories, watch out for things that you are having trouble digesting due to CD (such as CD-induced lactose intolerance- stop dairy for a while if it seems to be an issue), and eating as if you had a mild stomach virus can't hurt.

After that, every time I've polled long-timers and asked if, after being on the diet and healed, they felt they got stomach viruses easier and were hit harder than their non-celiac family members and others, I've gotten the answer "yes".

It's easy to be sick on a normal diet. Chicken noodle soup is easy, from can or pouch, whether it's a cold or stomach bug.

Saltines. I can't believe how often I lived on that type of cracker when the reason I was sick was their main ingredient!

I heard recently that the BRAT diet has been left behind. I don't remember what replaced it, but some easily digested foods are out there.

One of the first things I tend to be up for is a bowl of instant mashed potatoes. The flakes. I may add a bit of butter but no milk, replacing the liquid with more water. I will also use broth or a veggie bullion cube.

Be careful with those, vegetarian or not. They may contain gluten.

If you are up to boiling water and have some broth or stock, or a safe cube, and some GF pasta you have soup. We keep our freezer stocked and when I'm a bit better, or treating a cold, those frozen peas and diced carrots can just be thrown in. GF pastas don't keep well in liquid. While regular pastas keep their shape and even decent texture, in a soup or very wet casserole GF pastas turn to mush. So I usually do enough for one serving- maybe 2 cups of stock, 1/4 cup pasta, a handful of veggies. It's not too much longer than the can or pouch.

Yogurt is a form of dairy that is good for the belly. It can slow diarrhea and replace the good bacteria that is either washed away or harmed by the bad ones. I understand that it is one of the major foods used for this type of illness in Asia.

They also use hot (spicy) foods for a cold, but that's not what you want at first. When you're on the mend the Thai Kitchen noodle bowls, which do have a bit of a kick but not a ton of it, are cheap and easy. I keep a stock of them in the pantry (well, the old closet shelves designed for shoes I plopped next to the downstairs freezer and declared such- rather than the deep shelf over 5 1/2 feet from the basement floor. I'm 4'11". Even the metric people likely see the issue here!)

Easy foods like bananas, applesauce, or any low-fiber fruit or vegetable that softens when cooked is good.

And now, having so far today eaten plain, low-salt corn chips (ran out of crackers New Year's Eve) and Coke, (and mostly sleeping, since a 5 month old puppy does not understand my being visible and not playing!) I'm going to go find something nice, soft, bland, and comforting and eat a bit of it. Probably those mashed potatoes or some rice cooked in broth. Or do I have a banana yogurt left from last week?


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Sun, 01-04-2009 - 5:44pm

About the sick stomach,oh boy isn;t it horrible especially when one has been free of it for a period..

i found that i became much proned to stomach virus after being gf/wf for a period that i did earlier...

Now after all these years of being gf/wf ,i am even more sensitive to things...i know almost immediately if i happen to eat something my stomach starts to lips are the first to come with tell tale signs..don't know about others but i get this tingling effect...its not noticeable at first, but about 10 mins later,then i get this kind of noisey rumbling sound in my stomach,then i have to got to he bathroom to wee..

Then half an hour later after more rumblings and weird sounds i have to dash to bathroom once more

and its on,thats my que to go start my liquid cleansing,i go drink and drink plenty of boiled warm water,till i can;t drink another drop...then as soon its wee time ,i start drinking again,each time i go i drink more warm boiled water...i don;t eat