For when chaos erupts

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For when chaos erupts
Wed, 01-21-2009 - 12:52pm

Maybe a child gets sick, or there's a sudden emergency at work that means you have had to bring home 3 or more hours of work you have to do that night, even though if folks had been on the ball it would have been easily handled a week ago...

Or maybe a relative calls saying she lost her job because there was a mess-up, and they needed a token fire, and who cares that she wasn't involved in the error-

and so I am running around, switching the contents of several upstairs rooms, preparing for my aunt (the one with CD) and her dog, who will, with 95% certainty, be arriving from Tennessee. We live in Iowa.

For others, it's easier. When there's a sudden emergency, time wise, or a longer period when they're extra busy, the fast-food places and the TV dinners have a bounty of choices.

We have to plan more.

Some of the items I talked about as being pantry essentials are quick-cook meals. The family's bean chili recipe is quick, even if I take extra steps than when Mom did it.

She used the dry onion flakes from the spice aisle, as well as the garlic powder. I always have onions and garlic, and since the chili uses a small amount I put the rest in the fridge or dice it all and put it in the freezer (unless I used what was in the fridge or freezer obviously). She dumped everything in the pot, I soften the onions and garlic in a touch of oil, add the spices, and then add the tomatoes and beans. I keep a mini bottle of wine in the fridge, usually, and add a few tablespoons since there are alcohol-soluable flavors in tomatoes you don't get without alcohol.

But for me, cooking is relaxing, it only adds a few minutes, and the depth of flavor is soothing afterwards.

We can't just open many cans of soup. I like the Thai Kitchen noodle bowls, but they serve one. But I keep some packages of Imagine tomato soup on hand, along with cans of roasted diced tomatoes and


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Thu, 01-22-2009 - 6:20pm

Well it erupted in our household last night ,right on dinner,we got a power black out..the rain is certainly playing havoc here ...and we just don't get an hour or two outage,when it goes its easy 8 to 12 it down the back we go ,on goes the power bank we have generators for just that time..but you know it waits for some reason till you are not expecting and out it goes,well of course you have to fumble your way in the dark to put your hands on a torch,its toes get kicked on the side of a chair .or shin get knocked well you know how that hurts hey,you eventually make your way thru to the cabinate,with knocked shins,bent painful toes,bumped side of head,foot in the dog dish,splush!!!!!.on the backside on the wet tiled floor.